5 easy ways to detox from sugar

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Most of us know the disastrous side effects of having too much sugar in our diet – risk of diabetes, weight gain, causes teeth to rot, high blood pressure, the list goes on…

BUT, while we know all of this, the fact remains, it can be tricky to give up the sweet white stuff.

So we’ve put together a guide on how to eradicate sugar from your lives FOR GOOD.

5 Baby Foods Without Added Sugar

5 ways to start deleting sugar…

1. Take it slow

Start slowly and methodically to avoid the pain of ‘detoxing’ and cravings

Taking each step a week or two weeks at a time. The slower you do it the more likely the change will stick.

“Your perception of sweetness can be changed slowly over time and therefore you can reduce the amount of sugar or sweetness of a food and it will still taste as sweet,” says nutritionist Amanda de Santos.


2. Try low sugar options

Swap everyday foods such as drinks, cereal and bread for low sugar options.

“Juice and fizzy drinks are notoriously high in sugar. Water, milk and the occasional diluted juice will keep kids hydrated,” she says.

“Breakfast cereal is another meal with sugar overload – try adding cinnamon and or a little maple syrup to low-sugar (not roasted) muesli. Lastly, check the ingredients list on the bread you buy as that can catch you out.”

3. Get rid of the junk food

“Remove all food we see as ‘sometimes’ foods,” says Amanda. “The typical sweet foods first, like lollies, soft drinks etc.”

4. Make your own sauces

tomato sauces homemade

Instead of buying pre-made sauces, which is laced with sugar, make your own.

‘Remove the processed and packaged foods like sauces and bars from your cupboards. Make your own at home – look up recipes which can substitute some of these items using less sugar or even fruit as a replacement’.

So instead of buying a shop bought pasta sauce, why not make your own? Check our healthy tomato recipe here.

5. Be prepared

Prep prep prep and plan plan plan so that you don’t fall into any traps or tricky situations.

“Set yourself up to be successful,” says Amanda. “Opening the fridge door do pre-peeled carrot sticks, sliced red pepper and apple means you’re more likely to grab a healthy snack, and give this to your children, rather than reach for a sugar and carb loaded biscuit.

“Planning meals ahead, shopping ahead and only having healthy food in the house means you really can’t go wrong.”

Check out these ten simple food swaps to help reduce your sugar intake. Here are five ‘health’ foods that contain more sugar than a Tim Tam.

If you’re looking to detox and shred, then sign up to our  28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

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