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The baby onesie all parents need!

This is the cutest novelty onesie ever! It’s available from Amazon, and it’s a sure-fire way to get your kids doing their chores as early as possible!

“Babies were never meant to be trouble, enjoy watching them clean your house, witness the moment when a person becomes useful the first time in its life.”

The one baby onesie all parents need!

The CUTICATE Baby Mop Romper for boys and girls is a cotton long sleeve jumpsuit available from Amazon.  Apparently, it is a great way to make your baby “useful.”

The product description reads:

– Baby can sweep the floor while crawling and it will protect the baby. Baby crawling more can effectively exercise the back and neck muscles so that the baby becomes stronger and healthier

– Babies were never meant to be trouble, enjoy watching them clean your house, witness the moment when a person becomes useful the first time in its life.

– Great for casual, daily, party or photoshoot, also a great baby shower gift

– Novelty and special baby crawling clothes

The romper is available in sizes 73cm, 80cm, 85cm, and 90cm.

This onesie comes in red and white or blue and pink.

It’s made of super-comfortable cotton, and features snap closure on the back and at the diaper.

Funny reasons you NEED a baby mop onesie:

  • Teaches your baby a good work ethic early.
  • Baby soon learns not to drop food and make a mess.
  • Baby does a good exercise workout, burning off energy and toning tiny muscles.
  • Baby will sleep better too!
  • Saves you money on cleaning products!
  • Think of the laughs you will gain from sharing those cute pics with your friends.

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Cicily Goodwin- 35Kgs Lost

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Cicily says “I started the year at 110kgs and got to 75kg!! The lifetime goal I’ve dreamed of my whole life! “

Cicily admits that her when she started her journey it was all about weight loss but after living a healthy lifestyle it became a lot more about happiness.


Zoe Terry – 41.7Kgs Lost

Zoe shares, “July 2019 – March 2020 – 41.1kgs gone and definitely not missed! I never thought I could do it. I never thought I would enjoy it. But Healthy Mummy has made it easy and fun!

I have found that 2 smoothies, 3 snacks and a healthy main meal paired with daily exercise is what’s worked for me!”


Melissa Timmer – 37kgs Lost

The Healthy Mummy which has helped her take back control and within 18 months, she had lost a whopping 37 kg and has been maintaining her weight for three years.

Even though Melissa’s weight fluctuates up and down a little she says “I couldn’t care less because this journey is about being happy and if you feel happy in your skin, no matter how much you weigh or what size you are, that’s all that matters. “We are all different and beautiful so don’t be stuck on what scales say all the time.”

Tarryn Eames – 30Kg Lost

Tarryn says:-

  • From 97KGS to 67KGS
  • From a size 18/20 to a size 10/12
  • From lethargic to energetic
  • From miserable to genuinely happy
  • From hating my body to appreciating it.

“At the beginning of my journey,  all I wanted was to lose weight. I never aimed to gain anything. However, all I’ve gained means more to me than the kilos that are now gone and the cms that have disappeared too. Somewhere along the way, I gained the energy to be able to play with my children and the confidence needed to do that in a public setting.

I gained many beautiful and like-minded friends. I gained confidence. I gained strength both physically and mentally. I gained self-love. I gained knowledge about nutrition and exercise. But most importantly I gained happiness.”


written by:

Tracy Hardy

Tracy has been a digital content producer for the past 9 years. Mum of two boys, slowly finding her way through the tween and teen years at the same time. Beach lover. Terrible housekeeper. Tea drinker. Wine sipper, who sadly can't eat cheese or ice cream. Life is cruel!