The best hangover cures depending on what you’ve drunk!

Have you overindulged a bit too much over the weekend or for a ‘special occasion’? Feeling a bit blah and want that headache, nausea, and tiredness to disappear so you can finish off that long list of jobs? Well, depending on what drink you’ve had one too many of, we have the perfect remedy for you!

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The best ways to cure your hangover

We all have our favourites, red wine, G & T,  maybe a cider. If you have enjoyed a few too many of your favourite alcoholic beverage then read on for the best way to help fight that throbbing headache.

Healthy Mummy, nutrition expert, Cheree Sheldon, has the answers for you…

Every woman who has lined up for the bathroom at a club or festival knows the diuretic effects of alcohol! After losing so much water throughout the night, we need to rebalance our electrolytes, and a really simple way to do that is by eating a banana”

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White wine can often cause an allergy-like reaction in many drinkers. One way to counteract that is with nuts like cashews or almonds as they contain histidine, a naturally occurring compound that can counteract the histamine response.

Red wine might cause headaches, tinnitus, or hives due to the salicylates. Eating protein rich foods like meat or dairy can help dampen down a salicylate reaction due to the glycine they contain.


cashews nuts to increase calories



If you’ve overindulged with beer and are craving a fry up, greasy food will just make your stomach feel worse. Alcohol causes reactive hypoglycaemia, resulting in a craving for foods that you think will hit the spot straight away (usually carb heavy or sugary). However, choosing foods that are low GI and full of good fats like avocado and eggs on wholemeal toast is actually a better way to settle that grumbling tummy.

Eggs contain sulphur which supports a liver detox pathway called conjugation. During this body function, the toxic elements from alcohol are changed to be safely excreted.

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G & T

Nothing beats a gin and tonic on a warm summer evening, but one too many can make you dehydrate and give you an upset tummy.  Water with fresh ginger should help settle the tummy and replace lost sugars.

An ayurvedic herbal remedy to help settle a queasy belly is chewing on fenugreek seeds.

Add fresh ginger to hot water, with a teaspoon of coconut sugar or honey.

Peppermint tea is another classic remedy that will help settle your tummy.


Cider can cause a bloated tummy the next day and  Chicken soup is a great help with a hangover! This grandma cure-all contains gut healing collagen and is rich in amino acids which support digestion and will help your feel good hormones feel supported once more. 

Any Alchohol!

All alcohol in excess will make you dehydrate so it’s really important to rehydrate properly to help you feel better!

A pinch of Himalayan or Murray River salt in your water will help your cells rehydrate more effectively. A cold coconut water will also help restore some of those lost fluids and lost energy as this is a natural electrolyte.

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