The Fasting Diet

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fasting dietYou might have heard of the latest diet going around at the moment?  It is the fasting diet or the 5:2 diet.

The basis of the diet is for five days of the week you can eat what you like (in reason) and then for two days of the week you need to fast and consume less than 2000 kilojoules( or 500 calories) in a day (for a woman).

Sounds relatively doable. But how scientifically sound is it?

Like most fad diets or restrictive diets the results are fairly similar. People will follow the weight loss regime for the first six months and lose the weight quickly and easily. They then put this weight back on over the next three to five years, and sometimes even more then they lost.

The problem with most fad diets is that you are quick to lose the weight but by using unsustainable methods of weight loss you are also quick to put the weight back on. People often then choose another fad weight loss diet and the yo-yo dieting begins.

The other area which has not been investigated with this fasting style of diet is the issue of under nutrition and not getting enough vitamins and minerals from the fasting days of dieting and then the other end of the scale of over gorging on the other five days.

Unfortunately, the boring general rule of healthy eating  best applies with healthy weight loss and slower weight loss of around 0.5-1kg is still recommended as the most effective and sustainable weight loss amount per week.

The slower you take the journey, the longer the effects will last.

You can take small steps to a healthier lifestyle be they changing one thing per week or combining a few.

Research often suggests that it takes thirty days to break a habit, so buy committing to simple changes each month you will gradually change not only how you feel on the inside, but how you feel on the outside as well.

Some simple ways to change your lifestyle for the better is to make simple dietary changes like:

  • Choose reduced fat dairy
  • Aim for 5 serves of vegetables per week
  • Drink more water
  • Having low fat vegetarian meals per week
  • Reduce your portion sizes

You would be surprised by making simple changes like the ones above, how you will dramatically change your health. You could do them one at a time, or maybe two a week.

The beauty of doing it slowly and choosing a few things at a time, you do not feel like you are sacrificing anything or missing out on the fun per se.

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