Hot Pink Hair Mumma Wins Hearts Sharing ‘Things No One Told Me’

When we fall pregnant, we most certainly need a brutally honest list of how life will truly be. From willingly running toward vomit to catch it, to being okay with wearing eau de kids urine as your permanent scent.

This awesome mum with hot pink hair has taken to Facebook to give us that brutally honest list we all so desperately need, and we love her for it.

Why Did No One Tell Me About This…!

It’s true. Birthing classes don’t often tell us about all the things we NEED to know. Like being so tired that you attempt to scan your wallet at the self-serve checkout.

Gylisa Jayne Speaks Her Truth

Gylisa is an awesome pink-haired mum blogger who speaks the truth so many of us need to hear. She shares a photo of herself attempting to shave her legs in the shower, while her child sits beneath her, along with some excellent points on what we NEED to hear.

1. No one told me that stitches in your vag can actually hurt way more than birthing a 7lb baby.

2. No one told me that I would really, honestly NEVER be alone again. This includes shitting, showering and shaving. Especially when they get older and find your shaving your fanny acutely interesting and you pray it doesn’t scar them for life….

3. No one told me that actually, once you get used to not being alone – you miss them when they nap because they are so cute. So cute…Oh god are her eyes opening ? Escape. Escape now ….!

4. No one told me that pregnancy side effects last for ages… so essentially you are pregnant for like two years. Like an elephant. Which is how fat you feel now.

And Our All Time Favourite

“No one told me that despite feeling like I couldn’t do any of this, that I wouldn’t know the first thing about motherhood, actually my instincts would not fail me, and everyone is winging it,” she says.

“Some just make it look easier than others. Admiring someone else’s way of doing things shouldn’t make me question mine.”

Picking our Christmas tree ??? #santaschristmastrees #Liskeard #pinkhairdontcare

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Gylisa speaks of the overwhelming response she’s received from her post. She’s so happy is resonates with so many mums around the world. And we’re so happy she wrote it!

Keep up the great words of wisdom, we love hearing the words that make us feel completely normal.