6 Things We Tolerate ONLY Because We Love Our Husbands

Sharing living quarters with anyone is no easy feat. Let’s be honest, two people join forces who have been raised completely different and often our priorities in maintaining house are completely mismatched.

This can cause tension, resentment and frustration. But we choose to put up with it because while we would love an easier living arrangement, we love our husbands more.

6 Things We Only Put Up With Because We Love Our Husbands

6 Things We Ignore Because We Love Our Husbands More

1. Snoring

I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in 9 years and my eldest child is only 5. The sound that this man expels in the middle of the night still astounds me. Come midnight he morphs in to either a freight train, a chainsaw or jackhammer. Some nights it can be all three.

My children have come to me and asked me to make daddy be quiet because he has woken them through closed doors.

2. Washing Clothes

I have to give my husband credit here, he helps out with the washing of the clothes so I try to suppress my annoyance when he ruins all of my clothes. Has the man not ever heard of separating whites from colours from blacks?

And those clothes that say HAND WASHING are not for the flipping dryer Mr!

3. Laundry Hamper

A complaint chanted by many, the dirty washing is to go into the laundry hamper. Not on top of it, or beside it, or on the other side of the room. But IN!

Not a difficult concept my love.

4. Wet Towels

I am no stranger to throwing my wet towel on to the bed, so when I hear my girlfriends complaining about their husbands with wet towels I suddenly go very quiet. It’s another verse of the “my husband is so annoying” song sung by all the wives of the world.

5. Slow

My biggest annoyance of all the annoying traits in all the world. Right when we are due to leave, he will decide he needs to wash the car, or empty the fridge, or water the garden.

While I get myself and three children dressed and piled in to the car, he will still be pant-less. We will wait in the car and he will all of a sudden desperately need a shower.

Then when he finally gets in the car and we reverse down the driveway he realises he doesn’t have his sunglasses, wallet or phone.

6. Can’t Find Anything

The men in our lives have absolutely no problems finding the remote control (that can often be hidden in a child’s bag somewhere). But if he needs a spatula, his favourite pair of shorts, or the JIF, I’ll be damned he has no idea how to open his eyes!

But nine years deep in to this relationship and I no longer bother to quarrel with him. Because, even with all these annoying traits and idiosyncrasies, I love the big guy.

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written by:

Jessica Black

Jess is a fiercely passionate storyteller who is mad about fitness and wine drinking, usually not at the same time. She’s a freelance writer who juggles being a mummy to three and hospitality work. When she’s not busy tapping away on her keyboard with a smile on her face she’s chasing the kids or jogging on the beach.