Let’s Talk Supermarket Shopping: Who’s Cheaper This Week, Coles, Woolies Or Aldi?

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We’ve taken out the guess work, pounded the pavement and filled our baskets to compare dockets. Who will come out on top for each of the basics? Will it be Woolworths, Aldi or Coles?

This week The Healthy Mummy went shopping for you to see what major supermarket have the best prices for this week’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

which supermarket is cheaper

This Is Your Supermarket Broker Guide

Ducking to the supermarket for basics again? You’re not alone. We’re all doing it. Every. Single. Week.

But for something we do so often, do we really know if we are getting the best bang for our shopping budget buck?

Here are the prices on some of this week’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge staples for you to compare. Now you can shop with peace of mind knowing who is doing what for less.

Let’s start with a favourite:


  • Woolworths Cadbury Coco 70% Dark Chocolate 100g  – $2.50
  • Aldi Moser Roth 70%, 85% or Sea Salt 125g – $2.79
  • Coles Cadbury Coco 70% Dark Chocolate 100g – $4.40



  • Woolworths Fresh Strawberries 250g – $3.90
  • Aldi Fresh Strawberries 250g – $1.99
  • Coles Fresh Strawberries 250g – $3.00


Greek Yoghurt:

  • Woolworths Tamar Valley 950g – $5
  • Aldi Lyttos 1kg – $3.69
  • Coles Tamar Valley 1kg – $6.92

greek yogurt


  • Woolworths John West Red Salmon 210g – $6.99
  • Aldi Ocean Rise Premium Red Salmon 210g – $3.99
  • Coles John West Red Salmon 210g – $7.67



  • Woolworths – $3 each
  • Aldi – $1.49 each
  • Coles – $2 each



  • Woolworths Yellow Flesh – $4.50/kg
  • Aldi Yellow Flesh – $4.99/kg
  • Coles Yellow Flesh – $6.90/kg


Free range chicken breast:

  • Woolworths Macro – $15.99
  • Aldi Willowton – $13.99/kg
  • Coles Lilydale – $16.99


For those doing the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge we’ve put together a list of tips to help you budget for your shopping to ensure you can follow the healthy eating meal plans without breaking the bank.

Look at this blog post for more budget and time saving tips.


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