9 thoughts mums-to-be who are past their due date have

Fed up of waiting for your baby to arrive? Feel like you’re the size of a house? When you’re past your due date, it can make you a little bit crazy!

Here are 9 thoughts mums-to-be think when they’re overdue and ready to get this baby OUT! Pour yourself a Pregnancy Smoothie and have a read!

not to say to overdue pregnant woman

9 thoughts mums-to-be who are past their due date have

1. Get out

I’ve been patient for nine months, that’s long enough.

2. I really hope I don’t drop anything

Let’s be real, there isn’t a chance I’ll be able to bend down and pick it up.

3. If anyone gives me another home remedy, I may scream

I’m going to stop you right there Susan, I’ve tried sex, spicy food, exercise and that special tea from the mountains of Tibet. It clearly hasn’t worked.

4. Seriously, get out

Come on bub, let’s get moving. I wasn’t joking before.

5. I’m bored

There are only so many Netflix shows I can watch. But that episode of Friends when Rachel’s baby is late and she yells at everyone is getting more and more relatable.

very pregnant woman

6. What would happen if I actually stayed pregnant forever?

Oh no, don’t go there. I probably shouldn’t have even calculated how long it’s been since my due date.

7. Maybe I should edit my birth plan…

Do I really want a natural birth? Maybe I should have added a bit extra?

Here are 10 tips on how to write a good birth plan according to our resident midwife and lactation consultant!

8. It’s going to have a head the size of a melon

He or she is probably going to weigh 20 pounds. Oh my gosh it’s going to be painful.



Spoiler alert, this will not happen and your baby will come! Try to take it easy (easier said than done, we know) and just take ease in the fact that your little bub will be with you soon!

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