How this ‘Tinder’-inspired app for baby names is helping parents find ‘the one’

Are you and your partner struggling to pick a name for your little one? Well, maybe it’s time you both jumped on this ‘Tinder’-inspired baby name app.

Yep, you heard us right. It’s the like the dating app, as in you can swipe left and right for the names you like.

Here’s how it works…

Young smiling couple, who is expecting a baby, taking a photos of a growing belly
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‘Tinder’ for baby names

Babyname is a Tinder-inspired app that you and your partner can ‘swipe left or right’ depending on whether you like a particular moniker.

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Source: babyname

At the end you can both check the ‘matches’ section and see which ones you both like. This way you don’t forget the ones you have both liked and agreed on.

Source: babyname

Genius right?

And to top it all off, the app’s tagline is: “Finding a name for your baby can be as fun as making it.”

Have you tried Babyname? Did you have any luck?

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