TOP TIPS for conceiving a girl – it may also help if your hubby is BALD!

Desperate for a little girl? There are countless theories and old wives’ tales out there.

But some have substantial scientifically basis – like a bald daddy!

If you’re longing for a daughter, then one of these tips MAY be able to help you…

9 ways to help you conceive a baby girl

1. Pick a bald partner


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Think Bruce Willis and all of his five daughters!

Australian celebrity doctor Dr. Karl has suggested bald men are not only more virile but also more likely to have daughters.

He says research has found that fighter pilots and men who go bald early on in life are more likely to have female children.

‘The sperm that make males are generally smaller and slightly fragile” he says.

The theory is that men who are bald have higher levels of the male hormone testosterone, which  increases their sex drive and this may be why they are conceiving more girls.

2. Timing

sperm and egg

According to Dr. Landrum Shettles, x chromosomes – girl sperm – travel slower than y chromosomes – boy sperm.

However, he suggested female sperm live longer. According to The Shettles Method, couples wanting a girl are advised to have sex two or more days before ovulation to give these x chromosomes a head start.

The Shettles Method is believed to have a high success rate.

3. Forget the orgasms

Apparently, women’s orgasms move sperm closer to the cervix. And as female sperm are slower than male sperm, by not orgasming while having sex you’re giving your female sperm chance to get to the cervix and fertilise one of your eggs.

4. Eat more oranges

TOP TIPS for conceiving a girl – it may also helps if your hubby is BALD!

Oranges are believed to alter your body’s pH levels before trying to conceive. Acidic pH levels are believed to kill male sperm.

It’s unhealthy for your body to be too acidic, but you could try consuming citrus fruits, grains, vinegar and chocolate to make your body slightly more acidic.

***Please note The Healthy Mummy promotes a healthy diet when it comes to conceiving.

5. Ask your partner to skip his morning coffee

Your JOB, BLOOD TYPE and TUPPERWARE could be affecting your chances of conceiving

Coffee is supposed to make male sperm more active before you conceive, so if your partner ditches the coffee for a day or so beforehand, it may help his slower female sperm have a fair chance.

6. Go missionary

How To Keep Sexy Time Fun When You're Trying To Conceive

Deep penetration during sex is said to help conceive a boy, but it’s the opposite for a girl. What’s more, having sex in the missionary position is believed to limit the depth of penetration whereas positions such as doggy style create a deeper penetration.

7. Eat more vegetarian dishes and meals

Some studies suggest eating more vegetables can help improve your changes of conceiving a girl, as well as food high in calcium and magnesium, such as leafy greens, rice and fruit.

8. Have a bath before sex

Woman's Legs & Feet in Bubble Bath

Male sperm is said to be adverse to heat, so having a warm bath before sex may help leave more room for female sperm to make it to the egg.

9. Time of year

It may be an old wives tale, but some women believe trying to conceive during the winter months guarantees they’ll have a daughter, and trying for a baby during the summer months, a boy.


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