To Smoothie or To Juice?

orange juiceThis is a question that is often around the traps on health websites.

Do you prefer smoothies or juices?

People have varying opinions and obviously, The Healthy Mummy does have a smoothie product to sell.

But as an independent nutritionist, I would say time and time again that a smoothie, nutritionally is better than a juice.

There are many reasons for this with some of them being covered below.


When you place your fruits or vegetables through the juicer, it extracts the juice from the plant material or from what we know as the fibre. This is great from a clean juice perspective BUT one of the reasons we eat fruits and vegetables, has a lot to do with the fibre in it.

Fibre is important for our digestive health and also our heart health. Fibre is also incredibly important when we are pregnant or breastfeeding as our digestive system slows down. This can lead to bowel movement complications and therefore additional fibre is required to keep the movements regular.


When we juice, our fruits more specifically, you can require up to 8 full oranges to squeeze out one glass of juice.

Can you eat 8 oranges?

The energy of 8 oranges is drunk in one sitting an equals a whole meals worth of calories, at around 440 calories.

There are sugars, carbohydrates, water and yes, there are vitamins and minerals present, but there is no other macronutrients like protein or even fibre as mentioned above.


When you drink your juice, it does not fill you up. You often need to eat a whole other meal as well.

Juice is more like a thirst quencher but at 440 calories for a glass of orange juice, you can eat a whole beef stir fry with far more health benefits associated and a wider range of macro and micronutrients.

And as it does not fill you up, you will eat an additional meals worth of calories on top. Therefore you could leave eating over 880 calories.

From a weight loss point of view, when calories are being monitored or of concern, drinking excess calories will not assist you in your weight loss plan.

Whereas with a smoothie (and even better with a Healthy Mummy Smoothie) the added ingredients such as milk options, fruits, yoghurts, seeds such as chia, spices, nut blends (the list goes on), you will get the added benefit of fibre and protein and drink something that satisfies you for much longer then a juice.


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