TOP disposable nappies for absorption and leakage

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Parents spend thousands of dollars on disposable nappies for their little ones, but which ones are the best?

Consumer advocacy group Choice bought as many disposable nappies within the newborn, infant and crawler sized nappies as possible. They then sent them to a laboratory for testing and analysed them on four factors:

  • How quickly they absorb liquid
  • If they leaked during the test
  • If they stayed damp at the surface
  • If they have a strong velcro fastening to keep them secure

Check out the top nappies below!

Funny little baby wearing a diaper playing on a white knitted blanket in a sunny nursery. Child after bath or shower on a fresh towel. Infant nappy change and skin care. Cute kid playing with his feet

The best disposable nappies!

For the newborns

Pampers Newborn Size 1- 91 per cent

pampers newborn size 1

Absorbency score 90 per cent

Leakage score 100 per cent

Rewet score 80 per cent
Velcro strength score 90 per cent

RUNNER UP: Nannys Flexicare Nappies Mini Size 1 (89 per cent)

For the infants

Pampers Midi Size 3- 89 per cent


Absorbency score 88 per cent

Leakage score 100 per cent

Rewet score 74 per cent

Velcro strength score 90 per cent

RUNNER UP: Pandas by Luvme Small (86 per cent)

For the crawlers

Huggies Ultimate Nappies Crawler Girls- 92 per cent

Huggies Ultimate Nappies Crawler Girls

Absorbency score 89 per cent

Leakage score 100 per cent

Rewet score 94 per cent

Velcro strength score 80 per cent

RUNNER UP: Baby Solutions Nappies for Crawlers (88 per cent)

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