What this town is doing to help normalise public breastfeeding

There’s a new breastfeeding project taking over a town in Canada right now, as a local health unit has been placing life-size cutouts of mums nursing in public places! How awesome is that? 

Normalising public breastfeeding one cut-out at a time

The Porcupine Health Unit in Timmins, Ontario, launched the campaign last week, with the cutouts being put in restaurants, as well as business and government buildings, in an attempt to squash all stigmas surrounding breastfeeding in public.

The point of the initiative is to remind people that breastfeeding is natural and it hopes to encourage women to feel free to feed their infants anywhere they please.

“I think there is some misinformation about nursing in general,” Porcupine health unit nurse Meagan Potvin tells The Huffington Post.

“(Some) have that belief that if a mother is nursing her baby, then we see it all, and that really is not the case. If a mother is comfortable and nursing, she is fully protected by law.

“This campaign wasn’t necessarily just to push the idea of breastfeeding, but to make sure all mothers feel supported and that they have the information to make the best decision for their families when it comes to feeding their infant — whether that be breast milk, formula or both.”

The cut-outs will remain in Timmins for the next few months, and the plan is to also move them to smaller towns in the area to promote public feeding.

We at The Healthy Mummy HQ support all this breastfeeding and we LOVE this initiative! We are really hoping that a project like this will roll out in towns around Australia soon.


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