You’ll never BELIEVE how many calories a hot bath can burn

For all you mums who love (or dream) of having a hot bath at night, turns out that science says it burns the same amount of calories as a 30 minute walk! SAY WHAT?! 

BUT HOW? Well, it all comes down to the heat that both activities or lack of, conjures up.

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How a hot bath can equate to calories burnt on a walk

We recently wrote an awesome blog on 5 ways to lose weight in ten minutes. But who knew you could burn calories in the bath tub?!

Loughborough University recently discovered that a hot bath burns the same amount of calories as a 30 minute walk does.

The study featured 14 males (some lean, some overweight) and subjected them to two trials- 60 minutes of passive heating via warm water immersion (aka the bath) and 60 minutes of exercise at a fixed rate of metabolic heat production (walking).

The results: the bath soak managed to burn a whopping 130 calories — the same as a 30-minute walk. And it’s due to the increase in temperature, also known as passive heating.

The heat stress from being submerged in the hot water also reacted to blood sugar which resulted in a 10 per cent lower blood sugar level after the bath.

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Now, what this study ISN’T suggesting is giving up all exercise for hot baths (though, that does sound awesome). After all, you can’t build much lean muscle mass that way (which is great for increasing metabolism and fighting fat). It highlights (at least to us) that a little time out for YOU is not only relaxing and much needed but actually GOOD for your weight loss!

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