Watching This Baby Crawl From The Womb Will Leave You In Awe

After 12 years of infertility, this is the moment a mother watches her baby crawl from her womb. The emotion-filled moment has been called a ‘humanised caesarean’, and is one of the most powerful births we’ve ever seen.

baby birth c section

Also known as natural c-sections, babies are given the time to birth themselves – and it’s incredible to watch.

Birth After Infertility

The Healthy Mummy got in touch with the Spanish fertility centre where baby José was born, and they told us that his 42-year-old mother had struggled with infertility for more than a decade, before undergoing IVF with a donor egg. She gave birth to her son in August last year, and a spokesperson for CENFER Centro de Fertilidad Clínica Lugo told us the labour was a ‘spectacular’ experience for both mum and bub.

baby birth c section
“While it is true that caesarean section is a surgical act that is necessary in some women and has made it possible to reduce complications and save the lives of many babies, for the baby and the mother it is very different.

“The humanised caesarean, like the term used for humanised childbirth, is to give the birth of the baby the time needed to be fluid, respected and full of warmth.”

A ‘Humanised’ C-Section

We’re told that just as the mother is about to give birth, the surgical team lowers the curtain and her head is lifted so she can watch her baby birth itself.

baby birth c section
“The baby’s delivery is very slow, careful and calm, where the doctors only attend the baby in the necessary moments giving the impression that they caress him. Once the baby has completely gone the surgery is not yet finished, however, it continues as the mother enjoys the first minutes of her baby’s life in her arms, resting on her breast, stroking, feeling and kissing him.”

What an incredible moment – watch the full birth below:

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