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Welcome To Week 2 Of The March BUDGET 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Hooray – today is the start of week 2 of the March 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and we are SUPER EXCITED to have you all with us!

We hope you enjoyed week one of the challenge and are feeling motivated, pumped and ready to jump into week two.  We are determined to help you reach your weight loss goals and ESPECIALLY stick to your budget this month.

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8 Food Swaps To Keep You On Budget

  1. Instead of lamb cutlets use lamb steak (100g is approx 208cal) or lamb loin chops (100g is approx 224cal).
  2. Instead of fresh salmon or barramundi use a firm white fish that’s on special e.g. ling fillets are often a lot cheaper per kilo (100g is approx 90cal).
  3. If you don’t like seafood then skinless chicken breast (100g is approx 110cal) is usually a good swap and often works with the same flavours as those in seafood recipes.
  4. Instead of prawns use fish fillets or chicken breast.
  5. Lean beef rump steak is usually well priced compared with other beef cuts but another option if your budget is tight is to purchase a lean beef roast like topside (100g is approx 125cal) and cut it into individual steaks to freeze. Buying in bulk like this is often less expensive.
  6. Instead of ricotta use low fat cottage cheese (100g is approx 85cal). You don’t have to use the low fat versions if you don’t want to,  just allow for the differences in calories to stick within your daily guidelines.
  7. With fruits and vegetables you can easily make swaps to suit what’s in season or on special. Swap snow peas for beans (100g is approx 45cal) or swap sweet potato for carrots (100g is approx 40cal).
  8. Instead of purchasing different varieties of nuts and seeds, just stick to one or two that you like as then you can purchase them in bulk to save money.

For MORE awesome food swaps, check out this articleEat This, Not That: 15 Easy Food Swaps To Help You Lose Weight.

You can also make sure that your pantry is stocked up with the best budget ingredients to help you through the challenge.

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Recipes from this challenge are SUPER easy to prepare and totally family-friendly. If you haven’t already checked out this weeks meal plan, then quickly head there NOW.

The exercise plans are specifically designed to fit into a busy mum’s schedule and can be done anywhere – at home, in the gym or even at the local park.

Why not try some yoga moves to make the most of this month tone you butt and thigh theme.

The March  28 Day weight loss Challenge has you covered with healthy, easy to prepare meals plus simple exercise routines.

At The Healthy Mummy we strive to make healthy eating on a family budget a breeze. Make sure you check out our 250 Money Saving Tips For Mums On A Budget and be sure to download our Meal Planning On A Budget Tools!

You’ve Got This Ladies!

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