What Does Your Trolley Look Like?

vegetables1Last week I was at the supermarket and I witnessed a serious healthy eating and weight loss issue.

I actually see this quite often and it is scary.

It is the quick fix. The fad quick fix diet.

Next to me in the checkout line there was a man with a trolley. Half of it was filled with diet soft drink, I mean literally fifteen by two litre bottles of the stuff. This is what first caught my eye.

The man wasn’t incredibly large at all. He was more unfit looking. Tall, most likely overweight but not enormous at all.

I initially thought he must have been having a party and rudely (in hindsight) made the comment, “Gee that is a lot of Pepsi Max!”

“Yeah,” he said, probably thinking, “Mind your business lady with a baby!”

Then he unloaded his trolley and I witnessed the quick fix weight loss fad diet unfold in front of me.

This man not only had fifteen bottles of diet soft drink. He had red cordial, green cordial, baked flavoured biscuits, white bread, cheese, frozen fish,  sweet biscuits, chocolate, savoury snacks and chips and his only two vegetable like foods were baked beans, frozen corn and two tomatoes (yes I check out people’s trolleys!)

This trolley load, I see it often. But this one was a little different, it had the complimentary blasting fat pills included. Two packets of them. This guy was apparently trying to lose weight.

He had all that ‘food’ in his trolley and thought he would lose weight if he consumed expensive pills claiming to zap away his fat.

Where were his vegetables? His fruits? I cannot be made to believe all of the healthy foods were at home and this was just a snack.

Healthy eating doesn’t need to be complicated.

Healthy eating does not need to be trendy or fad like.

Healthy eating does not come in a pill.

Healthy eating resulting in weight loss is personal but will not happen overnight.

Healthy eating to result in weight loss needs to be consistent.

Healthy eating needs to be every day, not all day, but every day.

I felt sorry for this man beside me. He seriously thought that his $80 worth of pills would magically cure his weight loss and eating issues. Obviously not.

One way to keep you and your family on track is to look at your trolley each time you are at the supermarket.

You might remember right at the beginning when the Healthy Mummy started there was a supermarket challenge. You can see the posts and the items the ladies’ bought here, here and here,

When looking at your trolley:

  • Are there vegetables enough to eat five serves a day?
  • 2 serves of fruit a day?
  • Is there lean meat?
  • Is there some fish?
  • Are there dairy sources?
  • Are the grains as wholegrain as possible?
  • Are 80% of the foods everyday foods (versus sometimes foods which have no nutritional benefit like lollies, pastries, chips, chocolate)?

Looking at your trolley is the same way you look at your menu plan. Does it look healthy? Is it full of fresh unprocessed foods?

A healthy eating diet is every day. It is consistency and it is worth it. You will feel better for it.

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