Kids Hilariously Reveal What They’re Looking Forward To When They Grow Up

Ah, youth really is wasted on the young. They have no idea just how hard it is to adult every day. The endless snack-making, washing, cleaning, meal cooking, ironing, work, questions, lack of sleep, repetition – remind me again why we wish away our childhoods?!

If you’re up for a giggle, come and see what kids are most looking forward to when they finally become an adult.

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At The Healthy Mummy one of the main things we miss about being children is the metabolism – remember being able to eat whatever you wanted? No, me neither. (Make sure you download our FREE Metabolism Boosting ebook) 

A new survey has lifted the lid on what kids are most looking forward to when they become adults. More than 2000 British kids between the ages of eight and 15 took part, and here are the hilarious results – and our tongue-in-cheek responses:

The BEST things about being an adult – according to kids

  1. Being able to stay up late whenever I want. (If only they knew once you’re a parent all you want to do is go to bed early)
  2. Having the freedom to visit my friends whenever I want. (Yep, we have to agree with this one!)
  3. Getting my own home that I can decorate how I like. (And getting a nice mortgage to go along with it!)
  4. Being able to choose my job. (We’d all be zookeepers and movie stars if this was the case!)
  5. Being able to buy my own pet. (Pets take care of themselves, so all good.)
  6. Being able to get up whenever I want. (BAHAHAHA!!!)
  7. Being able to buy my own food. (They know chocolate isn’t a dinner option, right?)
  8. Buying my own clothes. (Ok, this is fun – especially as a reward after completing a 28 Day Challenge!)
  9. Being able to have children. (Yep, this is a good one!)
  10. Getting to dye my hair any colour I want. (Oh, this is both a blessing and a curse!)
  11. Getting a tattoo wherever I want. (With freedom comes responsibility, kids!)
  12. Getting a piercing wherever I want. (These kids are falling over themselves to express their inner rebel!)



As unrealistic as children’s expectations of adulthood are, it seems they’re aware being a grown up does come with many pitfalls:

The WORST things about being an adult – according to kids

  1. Having to pay bills.
  2. Having to be responsible for my money.
  3. Having to go to work.
  4. Not having school holidays.
  5. Having to do own laundry.
  6. Having less free time.
  7. Getting wrinkles.
  8. Losing your hair/hair turning grey.
  9. Having to get myself places rather than being taken there.

Yep, that pretty much sums up all the annoying things about getting older! Make sure you ask your kids what they’re looking forward to when they grow up – we’d love to know what they say!


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