Why Are French Women Not Fat?

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Why Are French Women Not FatFrench women do not get fat they tell us, but why is that and how can we adapt some of their principles into our lives to help our healthy eating plans and even weight loss diets.

Here are 5 common reason why French women claim not to get fat and how you can easily adapt it into your lifestyle.

Incidental exercise

French women do not often go to the gym but they also do not drive that much either. They walk, and they walk everywhere.

They walk to the shops, to pick up the kids, to work or in the afternoon for fresh air.

Of course in some suburbs here, with the design of the roads or placement of the shops (which is an issue in itself and should be addressed by councils and town planning) some of these activities might be difficult to walk to.

BUT, what you can do, is park in a safer area, get out the car and then walk to the shops and likewise for the kids. It is beneficial for the children to be exercising as well.

With the Healthy Mummy Plans we also talk about incidental exercise and also aiming for at least 20 minutes of walking each day. Even if you break it up!

Eating together and at a table

The idea of eating together and at a table means that your mind is present at the meal.

Today with busy schedules we eat on the run, packaged foods which are laden with salt, sugar and fat and we do not savour the flavour. Therefore we actually sometimes forget we have eaten or eat more then we need to.

The act of eating together is also important culturally to form a connection with the family and friends. Eating is just as much about the occasion as it is about what you eat.

Eating high-fat foods

French women often talk about how they eat high fat foods like chocolate puddings or croissants and still remain slim. And yes, they often do. BUT they do not eat them every day and when they do eat them, they sit down, enjoy them, feel happy about the occasion and then move on with the day. They do not feel guilty about eating them and do not eat a large portion of them.

They respect the food they eat and for what it is, but do not binge or overindulge. This is the same with other foods like cheese and wine as well.

No snacking

Often French women talk about not snacking and that contributing to their slenderness. This is a topic of controversy, especially with busy mothers and new mothers.

The idea behind not snacking is the idea that snacking is mindlessly eating. That you nibble, pick and poke at food all day long, you are not satisfied by the meal and therefore eat more.

There is nothing wrong with snacking, but choose the right snacks that will benefit you and keep you satisfied until your next meal.

Enjoying food

The French enjoy food, they relish each meal. It is not a chore to cook at night and they choose their menus and ingredients wisely. There is no cheap pasta and tomato sauce. Instead they would cook carefully picked pasta and make a fresh tomato passata with fresh basil. The difference is the nutrition of fresh ingredients along with reduced sodium and salt. Very similar meals but also incredibly different as well.

The French place a huge importance on food and how it makes them feel. They listen to their bodies and what it needs and ensure that they eat a high proportion of vegetables and fruits.

If you are ready to lose weight then The Healthy Mummy plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine that are safe if you are breastfeeding 

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