Dad’s Epic Takedown Of Chauvinist At Melbourne Airport

Lachlan Searle is our new hero.

This Aussie dad knows the pain of losing his beloved wife – his soul mate of almost two decades. So listening to a fellow dad disrespect his wife and children was more than he could bare, and it prompted the widower to pen one of the most powerful open letters we’ve read.

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Lachlan’s blog TheDaddyLetters is a collection of beautiful letters to his children Tom and Lottie, as the family comes to terms with the sudden death of their mum and wife Rebecca two years ago.

Last month Lachlan decided to write an open letter to a man he met at Melbourne Airport, after the sobering encounter left him completely blown away.

‘I Hope Your Daughter Doesn’t Marry Someone Like You’

The pair struck up a conversation after Lachlan asked the pink shirt-wearing man what he was drinking: “Vodka… I’ve gotta have one now when the wife’s not here to bust my balls.”

Despite the father-of-two being taken aback by the comment, he accepted the man’s offer of a drink, and then proceeded to listen to him unleash a tirade of disrespect.

“‘Where are you flying to?’ I asked.
‘No where… I’ve just come in from a couple of days away with work and don’t want to go home yet.’
‘Yeah if I go home now the kids will be being fed, and it will be crazy…’
‘So I’ll wait here for an hour or so, then have the hour cab ride home (in more traffic)… and then things will have settled down… and the wife won’t be at me to help out.’
‘Right… How old are you kids?’ I asked hoping they weren’t young.
‘Three and ten months… a boy and a girl.’
‘Do you have kids?’ (he) asked.
‘Yes, I do… a boy and girl, five and four.’
‘It’s hard work isn’t it?’ (he) said.
‘Yes, yes it is.’ I said… (insert eye roll) as I thought how hard it must be for his wife… knowing how hard it is for a solo parent.”

Lachlan explains this was followed by five minutes of trash talk, that left him flabbergasted. “Hiding out at the airport bar, clearly half cut already and waxing lyrical to a stranger about how you couldn’t handle facing the family at home, and how ‘hard’ it was being a parent…Wow what a Dad…? What a husband…?”

‘Be A Dad…Not A Lad’

For a man who has been through so much with his young family, Lachlan was incredibly restrained, as he prepared to board a flight to Adelaide for a buck’s party. But the conversation played on his mind, prompting him to write his letter in the hopes that his fellow dad will read it, and wake up to himself.

“Sure, blokes like a laugh, boys will be boys…but the next time you decide to make your own ‘new mate’ at the airport, instead of going home to your wife and family after two days away… maybe you should re-think.

“Or better still, maybe your wife should think again because I’m pretty sure deep down she already knows you’re a d**k. And the real kicker is…if you continue in your ways, it won’t be long before your kids realise you’re a d**k too. Pull your head out of the pink shirt and be a dad…not a lad.”

It’s a standing ovation from us at The Healthy Mummy HQ – we hope you can hear our applause, Lachlan.

written by:

Anita Butterworth

Anita is a journo from country Victoria who swapped the cut and thrust of television news for the joys of raising boys. When not writing about everything parenting, she's searching for the perfect cuppa and Instagram filter.