Women with these names are set to fall pregnant in 2018 – according to stats!

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Are you feeling broody? Well, you may be set to fall pregnant this year!

New research has predicted which names are most likely to see two lines on a pregnancy test in 2018.

Check out these stats below… is your name on the list?

The lovely curves of a woman with child.

Mums who are set to become mums in 2018

While we don’t have a crystal ball to foresee EXACTLY who is going to fall pregnant in the next 12 months, Closer Magazine has put together some convincing research to figure out which women are more likely to fall pregnant next year.

The publication found that the average age a woman becomes a first-time mum is 28.6 by looking at National Office of Statistics in the U.K. 

They then looked at the most popular names of 1989 and pulled together a list of names.

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Here are the top 20 names of women who are most likely to fall pregnant in 2018

1. Emma

2. Laura

3. Sarah

4. Stephanie

5. Kirsty

6. Claire

7. Nicola

8. Jennifer

9. Stacey

10. Lauren

11. Lisa

12. Danielle

13. Rachel

14. Rebecca

15. Natalie

16. Amy

17. Louise

18. Samantha 

19. Ashley

20. Gemma

Jessica has been a popular name for the last two years but has dropped out of the top 20, the study has found.

Meanwhile, check out the names of men most likely to become a dad in 2018.


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