5 signs you’re a sleep deprived mum

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Nothing says sleep deprivation like being able to justify that it’s perfectly acceptable to give your family breakfast for dinner – three nights in a row.

There’s no judgement here, we’ve all been there, dragging ourselves through each day counting down the hours until we can fall into our bed and close our eyes.

Some of us don’t even wait until bedtime to catch forty winks and will often take drastic measures in order to get just a few minutes of shut eye, including voluntarily playing doctors with your kids so you can justify lying down for a few minutes!

You know you’re sleep deprived when you…

1. Start to believe in magic

The Reality Of What Being A Tired Mum Is Like

It’s hard not to eat ALL the food at the best of times, but throw sleep deprivation in the mix and it’s virtually impossible. When you’re beyond tired you’ll open the fridge 12 times a day in the hope that something delicious has magically appeared. It’s likely you’ll visit the pantry and scour the shelves for hidden treats.

Tip: To avoid feeding your tiredness with junk, cut up carrots, celery or cauliflower and have a tasty tip on hand – if you’re going to scoff food make sure it has some nutritional value!

2. Become a ‘yes’ mum

tired mum

With a foggy brain and heavy limbs, you will find yourself saying yes to almost anything your kids ask you. It’s like they can sense you’re about to fall asleep at any moment and capitalise on your weakness. In this instance just roll with it, cut yourself some slack, a bit of screen time won’t hurt your kids and might give you a chance to rest for half an hour. Just make sure you listen to their requests before agreeing because you don’t want to be cleaning paint or glitter from every orifice while sleep deprived.

3. Fail to dress yourself properly

tired mum

Making it out of the house when you’re sleep deprived is a medal-worthy event as far as I’m concerned, but often you have no choice because of school, kindy or because you’ve eaten the cupboards bare. Just don’t be surprised if you get some strange looks while in public because extreme fatigue often goes hand-in-hand with failing to dress yourself properly. Having your shirt on inside or wondering the supermarket aisles with your skirt tucked into your knickers are all possible scenarios.

4. Become obsessed with getting horizontal

tired mum

Taking advantage of every single chance you get to lie down becomes an obsession for people who are robbed of sleep. Instead of making excuses not to play teachers, doctors or schools with your kids you’ll shock the pants off them by volunteering to get involved. It’s a win-win situation; you can play a sick patient or a child having a daytime nap while simultaneously amusing your kids.

Hint: Be careful you don’t fall into a deep sleep or you might wake up with one eyebrow or to a child who has given themselves a mohawk-style haircut.

5. Cry during TV commercials

Signs Your Friend Might Have Postnatal Depression

Much like PMS sufferers, sleep deprived people lose any ability to see reason, think logically or cope with minor problems or interruptions. A bowl of cereal dropped on the floor could bring you to your knees in tears and a TV advert about babies might turn you in to a blubbering mess. When you’re so tired you’re struggling to function, don’t be surprised if you can’t figure out how to do simple tasks such as your 7-year-old’s math homework.

Best way to cope? Play hide and seek in the pantry until everyone stops looking for you, at least you won’t go hungry.

Find out how to prioritise when you’re sleep deprived here.

Are you a tired new mum in need of an energy boost?

As busy mums we’re all about healthy shortcuts. As such we’ve created a way for you to get a shot of energy-boosting superfoods into your body by barely lifting a finger. You’re welcome!

We’ve managed to pack 37 ingredients from real food sources into our amazing Super Greens. Our ultimate aim is to give busy mums an energy lift. Most of all, breastfeeding mums don’t miss out because it’s one of a few on the market that’s breastfeeding friendly.

THM super greens

Made In Australia For Our Mums

Super Greens is made in the laid-back NSW town of Byron Bay. It’s been put together using some of the world’s most incredible superfood ingredients.

This product is high in spirulina; which has been labelled the most nutrient dense food on the planet. Super Greens also contains probiotics.

The whole foods that go into Super Greens are natural sources of vitamins and minerals and are an easily digestible blend.

What it doesn’t contain is any dairy, sugar or gluten and it’s vegan friendly.

Super green powder 1

A powerful energy boost

When you’re conscious of what you’re putting into your body, you need to make every mouthful count. This is why this amazing powder punches well above its weight.

A snapshot of how powerful Super Greens is, this product…

  • has 56 more times the vitamin B12 of a beef steak.
  • contains the same calcium as three serves of cheese.
  • contains the iron of 12 cups of spinach.
  • has the vitamin C equivalent of 1.4kgs* of oranges.
  • has 11 times more iron than red kidney beans.
  • contains 50 times more vitamin B12 than an Atlantic salmon.
  • has 11 times more vitamin C than 100ml of orange juice.
  • contains as much calcium as one litre of milk.
  • has the same vitamin C as half a kilo of red capsicums.
  • has as much B12 as 77 eggs.
  • contains four times as much calcium as almonds.

Super Greens Can Help Keep Immune System Strong

Dr Ross Walker says spirulina is one of the most potent natural stimulants of the immune system.

“Not only does it help fight infections, it also keeps your immune system strong and functioning normally in all situations,” he says.

And getting this much goodness into your diet is as easy as adding a 10g serve of Super Greens into water or your favourite The Healthy Mummy smoothie.

Busy mums, now is the time to stop making excuses and make sure you’re getting your greens! Get your Super Greens mix here.

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