Study Confirms Your Youngest Child Has A Special Talent

Feel like your youngest is destined for greatness? While he or she may not be the leader of the bunch, a new study confirms that the baby of the family does indeed have a special talent.

youngest child funny

Just what super power does your youngest child possess?

The ability to make everyone around him laugh.

A new study by YouGov confirms that the youngest sibling tends to be the funniest of the family. The study looked at the personality traits of 1,800 British adults to come up with their findings and discovered 46 per cent of the youngest born children were considered the comedian of their family clan.

But that’s not all. Your little charmer may also be the most laid back and even most likely to be favoured by mum and dad.

youngest child siblings

What about your other children?

The study also confirmed that firstborns tend to be more confident, organised, successful and family-oriented. And middle children? In true, middle child form, they were left out of the study completely. As expected.

The findings from the study mimic what Michael Grose, leading parenting expert and author, has been suggesting for years about personality traits and birth order.

According to Grose, younger children are not only the funniest, but also the risk-takers of the household. They also tend to be creative, outgoing, persuasive and charming.

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