Your parenting style can affect your child’s POPULARITY, study reveals

Researchers have found a link between your parenting style and your child’s social life and popularity.
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Researchers have found a link between your parenting style and your child’s social life and popularity.

In fact, a new study suggests that how you raise your child has a direct impact on whether they are bullied or not, and what job they will have in the future. More pressure on us parents, right?!

While being ‘popular’ isn’t everything, this research does have some valid points about how we parent our kids and the influence we have over them….

Your parenting style can affect your child’s POPULARITY, study reveals

How parents can influence their kid’s popularity

According to Dr Mitch Prinstein, a psychologist from the University of North Carolina, popularity can be categorised as social reputation (status) and social preference (like-ability).

Those seeking social reputation are more dependent on people’s view points and isn’t a healthy outlook in life.

Whereas like-ability helps you develop stronger bonds with others and also excel more in life and have more opportunities.

And it seems the way you parent can help influence your child…

Your parenting style can affect your child’s POPULARITY, study reveals

1. Your point of view

Studies suggest that parents who share hostile experiences of life, a.k.a moan a lot, tend to have unpopular children.

By portraying a positive message about the world, you are also creating positive children.

2. Feeling comfortable in social settings

How you interact with other people has an influence on your children. If you are comfortable you are in different social settings and have good interactions with others it will help your children feel comfortable around other people as well.

3. Being less aggressive

If you tend to lose your calm over every small issue, your children will likely follow this behaviour.

Aggressiveness isn’t a desirable trait that people tend to gravitate away from.

4. Your bond with your kid

Kids who have a good strong bond parents a are more likely to be more popular.

Strained relationships can cause insecure kids who are emotionally dependent.

Majority of people believe parenting is HARDER these days – do you agree?

‘Being healthy is a great influence on my kids!’ Mum loses 30kg and is now more active with her family

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Kylie says she’s so far lost 30kg! And is feeling so much more active with her kids.


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