Actress Zoe Saldana reveals what she’s teaching her 3 sons about women

Being a female in a family of 4 males means that this mum is on a mission to teach her sons about living in a gender-neutral world.

Actress, Zoe Saldana and her husband Marco are intent on raising their sons in a gender-neutral household as she says,

“That ‘Mom’s the boss’ thing is not going to happen in our family, because that means he’s the fun one, the good guy, while I’m the disciplinarian.”

Read on to discover how the actress is teaching her sons these lessons.


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What Zoe Saldana is teaching her 3 sons about gender equality

The couple share twin boys twins Bowie and Cy and third son, Zen who they are teaching equality to both women and men.

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The couple are passionate about gender equality so much so that when they married they forged tradition and took each others last names.

His name, Marco Perego Saldana and hers, Zoe Saldana Perego. #couplegoals

“I have the most perfect partner in my life. I’ve never met a male like my husband, who [believes] any woman is naturally his equal,” Zoe says of her husband.

So, passing these lessons on to their children seem only natural for Zoe and her husband.

Zoe adds, “I don’t want my kids to look at women like, ‘Oh, god, they’re so annoying! They always come with structure’.”

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