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These 9 yummy mummies reveal how they SMASHED their weight loss goals

These 9 magnificent mamas have SMASHED their weight loss and health goals this July! Congratulations, ladies!

What’s more, they’ve shared with us what they did, how they stay motivated and what they enjoyed the most about this month’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge theme – which was all about making meals with five ingredients or less.

Check out their inspirational achievements, and what they’re hoping to do next month, below.

How these 9 mums SMASHED their weight loss goals this month

Rebecca Garofeletti has lost 3.4kgs this month


“What I loved most about the July 28 Day Weight loss Challenge was that I lost 3.4kgs bringing my total to 21kgs and broke through my weight loss plateau of 12 weeks.

“By changing up my food and incorporating DanceFit I have managed to go from a size 12 to getting my size 10 dress to zip up!

So, what’s Rebecca’s goal for next month?

“My goal for August is to maintain my healthy eating and exercise as I return to work from maternity leave.”

Sam Geeves has lost 3.1kg this month and can now fit in her old jeans!


Can you believe in just one month Sam lost an awesome 3.1 kilograms?!

Sam says, “I’ve lost 3.1kgs so far on the July 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!

“That takes me to a loss of more than 21kgs in five Challenges.”

This year, Sam has lost 24 kilograms.

“I’m so excited that I can now do up and fit comfortably into my old faithful rodeo jeans from 10 years ago,” She says. “My August goal is to hit the 25kg mark. Then I am going to show my daughter how my beautiful wedding dress fits.”

Jessica Magill has lost 2.5kg this month


Way to go Jessica. Not only was this mum on a mission to up her water intake this July – she also lost an incredible 2.5kgs along the way.

“I lost 2.5kgs this month and met my goals of drinking 3L of water and exercising daily. My goals for August are to reduce portion sizes and have fun with DanceFit every day.”

DanceFit is an awesome NEW exercise extension of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. It’s a great way to lose weight, get moving and even get the kiddies involved. 

DanceFit has both beginner and advanced workouts. You can find DanceFit under 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App exercise tab.


“I’ve been following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and drinking The Healthy Mummy smoothies for almost two years and have lost 20kgs.”

Cassie McKay has lost 1.2kg this month


Cassie was hoping to tighten her tummy this July – so how did she go?

“My aims this month were to maintain my weight and tone my tummy.

“Life threw me a curve ball mid-month and injuries meant I couldn’t exercise as I wanted to.

“But rather than throwing in the towel I reassessed my goals for the month. I focused on following the meal plans, sticking to my BMR and drinking lots of water…. and I lost an extra 1.2kg.”

How awesome is that? Life can certainly get in the way of our ‘goals’ – but instead of giving up – it’s about trying something else, reassessing your mission.

“I learnt that winter doesn’t have to mean hibernation- rug up, get out there! In August I will be building on my core strength and continuing to eat great food.”

Vanessa Barbara has lost 1kg in July


Vanessa is now only 2 kilograms away from hitting her goal weight.

“I lost 1 kg from the July 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, which I’m happy with, but I have been up and down for the last few months.

“My aim is to get under 90kg next month. I’ve only got 2kg to go.

“I have been on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge for 19 rounds now, and I’ve lost 25kg to date. It has become a way of life for myself and my family.”

Keep up the amazing work Vanessa.

Laura Flanagan ate healthily while recovering from a c-section


This new mum was determined to drink plenty of water this July and focus on eating healthily.

“July got me to the end of my c-section recovery period and I actually managed to rest and nurture my body!

“I ate healthily and drank plenty of water and I feel the best at six weeks than I have with any other baby. All thanks to the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and Healthy Mummy Smoothies.”

Alex Solomon lost 10cm from her body in July


Wow – this July Alex was able to lose 10cm off her body (7 of which were from her hips).

I’m so proud of this achievement,” she says.

“I have lost 18kgs and have been using the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge for 3 years in September.

“My goal for August is to increase my exercise by using my gym three times a week plus my Challenge exercises.”

Krystel Richards stayed hydrated in July


“My goals for the month of July were to drink more water and exercise more.

“I have definitely been drinking more water this month however haven’t managed to do much more exercise.”

As for next month, Krystel says, “For the month of August I will continue to work on these goals and push even harder. 

“If there has been one thing I’ve learnt about The Healthy Mummy is to never give up!

“I have learnt that it’s not a competition and that I’m my only competitor. I use to compare myself to others but this was only doing more harm than good. I have now realised that we are all different and our bodies all work differently.

“Weight loss isn’t about being in a race with others, it’s about working your way to being your own kind of healthy and happy and at your own pace. Believing in yourself that you can do it!”

Flip McKinnon has enjoyed making recipes with five ingredients or less


It’s Flip’s three year anniversary with The Healthy Mummy! Woohoo!

Flip has loved following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges. She particularly enjoyed the simplicity of the July Challenge!

“I have loved the simplicity of the July 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge of 5 main ingredients or less theme, as it’s made life so much easier.

“My goal this month was to exercise consistently and I’ve averaged 6 days a week with a combination of the Challenge Exercises and DanceFit.

“I’m so excited for Tabata to start too.”

In line with our August Challenge – we are introducing a new workout – TABATA! 

Tabata is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, featuring exercises that last 4 minutes. It involves a warm up and uses full-body exercises that engage as many muscle groups as possible.

It is FUN, smashes the calories and leaves no time for boredom!

4 hand Tabata

Tabata will be available to ALL Challenge members on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App.Love  the sound of Tabata? Be sure to sign up the August Challenge HERE

Flip says “I’ve lost 40kg and over 100cm following the Healthy Mummy and have loved every minute.”

This is all so amazing, ladies! Keep up the good work!

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