New research reveals Australia’s top family friendly and healthiest suburbs

Are you living in one of Australia’s most family friendly or healthiest suburbs?

Research commissioned by Well Home Loans has identified which areas are best for people with children.

Is where you live on the list?

New research on Australia’s top family-friendly suburbs

According to the report, a suburb is deemed ‘family-friendly’ if it makes up 60% of the local population and near ‘sought-after’ schools. The NSW suburb of Horningsea Park coming out on top.

Well Home Loans Chief Executive Officer Scott Spencer said this could help families plan their next purchase.

“Families want to live in suburbs that have lots of other families to socialise with, a high share of owner-occupiers to provide stability and good schools to educate their children,” he said.

“They also want to buy into suburbs that are likely to enjoy reasonable capital growth over the long-term, even if it’s not necessarily market-beating growth.

“The 20 suburbs in this ranking are generally affordable – 14 of them have a median house price under $1 million.

“They’re also quite diverse – there are 13 metro and seven regional markets, spread across seven of the eight states and territories.”

Top 20 suburbs for families:

  1. Horningsea Park, NSW – median house price, $853,000
  2. Marlow Lagoon, NT – median house price, $700,000
  3. Blair Athol, NSW – median house price, $893,000
  4. New Lambton Heights, median house price, $972,000
  5. Dingley Village, VIC – median house price, $1,030,000
  6. Gelorup, WA – median house price, $550,000
  7. Tascott, NSW – median house price, $880,000
  8. Glenmore Park, NSW – median house price, $885,000
  9. Mount Hawthorn, WA – median house price, $979,000
  10. Harkaway, VIC – median house price, $1,060,000
  11. Mysterton, Qld – median house price, $415,000
  12. One Tree Hill, SA – median house price, $752,000
  13. Vale Park, SA – median house price, $863,500
  14. The Basin, VIC – median house price, $803,000
  15. Bulleen, VIC – median house price, $1,300,000
  16. Bentleigh East, VIC – median house price, $1,401,000
  17. Mount Lofty, QLD – median house price, $535,000
  18. Speewah, QLD – median house price, $649,000
  19. Bonogin, QLD – median house price, $1,090,000
  20. Hackett, QLD – median house price, $1,250,000

Australia’s healthiest cities

Meanwhile, another report has revealed Australia’s HEALTHIEST cities.

As part of the annual Mindbody Wellness Index, they ranked Australia’s five major cities in order from most healthy to least healthy.

  1. Sydney

Sydney took the number one spot! When it comes to exercise, 48% of Sydney siders work out at least 90 minutes per week.

70% say they exercise outdoors, and Sydney residents are more likely to engage in more outdoor running, indoor cycling, HIIT, kickboxing, and barre than other Australians.

  1. Melbourne

Nearly 48% of Melbournians say they work out at home – probably due to the pandemic and Melbourne being forced in the world’s longest lockdown.

75% of residents work out at least once per week, and 46% exercise three times or more a week.

  1. Brisbane

Brisbane has been hailed the ‘least-stressed city in Australia’.

More than 6 in 10 (62%) residents admit they have more time than other Australians for fun and play.

59% of residents drink the recommended amount each day and swimming is the third most popular type of exercise, behind outdoor walking and strength training.

Brisbanites are also less likely to  cancel their gym or studio membership compared to all Australians, with only 15% doing so at the peak of the pandemic.

  1. Perth

Perth residents are said to have the highest stress levels in Australia. It also has the highest percentage of smokers and the least intake of eating vegetables.

However, people from Perth prefer shorter workouts (30 minutes or less) and do more outdoor walking more than other Australians.

Their workout preference seems to be strength training and cardio machines.

  1. Adelaide

Adelaide residents admitted they felt intimidated by going to a gym. 22% of residents say they do not currently attend a gym.

Nearly half (47%) reveal they have started cooking and eating more healthily since the pandemic. But 20% admitted their alcohol consumption has also risen.

Healthiest nations in the world in 2018 – see where Australia ranks

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