Holding onto your child’s baby teeth could save their life one day

Doctors are urging parents to keep their little one’s milk teeth – and not for sentimental reasons. These baby teeth could end up saving their life down the track!

Researchers at the United States National Center for Biotechnology found that a child’s first tooth contains many stem cells, which can potentially grow replacement tissue from the bone marrow to potentially help cure diseases like cancer, a recent study found.

Holding onto your child’s baby teeth could save their life one day

Keeping your child’s baby teeth could save their life one day, medical experts reveal

Baby teeth are in pretty good condition, and aren’t exposed to wear and tear like adult teeth.

Experts believe these pulp stem cells (hDPSC) could be extracted from milk teeth as old as ten years and be used to help regenerate the liver and also treat diabetes.

Holding onto your child’s baby teeth could save their life one day

Currently, this stem cell method is still up and coming, but in the future it could be used to help fight cancer and grow other cells to help fight a range of diseases.

Babies are usually born with 20 baby teeth and these teeth start to come through when a little one is around six months old. These primary teeth are usually all fully through by the time a child is two or three.

Children lose their milk teeth throughout childhood.

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