Ikea issues URGENT WARNING over change tables after reports of babies falling off

Ikea has issued an urgent warning about their change tables, after incidents have been reported of babies falling off them.

The foldable part of the Sundvik changing table, which is also a chest of drawers, can come loose, causing three reports of babies fallen off and onto the floor.

A product safety recall has been issued by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Ikea issues URGENT WARNING over change tables after reports of babies falling off
Ikea Sundvik changing table. Source: Ikea / Pinterest

Ikea issues warning over change table following reports of accidents

The Swedish furniture brand revealed that in the cases where there have been accidents, the safety-locking feature on the furniture was not installed.

The foldable part is intended to be used in a fixed position as either a changing table or a storage chest and not as an everyday multi-function product. The safety locks must be used at all times.

Ikea issues URGENT WARNING over change tables after reports of babies falling off

“Ikea has received three reports of incidents where the foldable part has come loose and children have fallen off the changing table,” says the ACCC.

“In these incidents the safety locking fittings were not used according to the assembly instructions.

“The folding part should be locked in place the whole time that the product is used as a change table.

“When the child is past the nappy stage the product may be locked in place as a chest of drawers.”

What to do if you own this product

Customers who own this product are being advised to contact Ikea if their fittings are not featured or have been lost or misplaced.

New fittings will be given free of charge.

Customers will not have to provide any proof of purchase, such as a receipt.

You can contact Ikea on 0203 645 0010.

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