Weight Loss

Motivation when losing weight

What is your weight loss motivation and why are you doing this? When you are trying to lose weight you need to spell out to yourself why you are actually commencing this journey. Who is it for? And why are you doing it?

Clingy Baby exercises

The goal with the Healthy Mummy is to be healthy. Of course that also results in being able to fit into your wedding dress or pre pregnancy clothes. But the underlying reason is to better your health and get your health back on track.

My motivators for losing weight after having my kids were to be healthy and fit. To be healthy and fit are my constants.

Below I have included some headlines to question yourself and remind yourself why you are on your journey. Why you want to lose weight and how you can keep it going.

Set goals

When wanting to lose weight, it is beneficial to set goals. They are not always to the same as your neighbour, friend or cousin. They are not the same as when you had your last daughter or son or pre children. Your goals are unique to this set of circumstances.

For instance, with my second daughter, I knew that losing my baby weight was going to be different to with my first daughter. Firstly it has been harder to get out and exercise in an ‘official’ sense. I am surviving on less sleep and I do not have the support network of my family and friends in the new place we live in. So my goals have been different and my expectations have had to change.

So what are your goals?

  • To be able to dance with your kids without feeling puffed
  • To play with your kids in the park and feel good
  • To lose 2 kilos, to lose 20
  • To fit into your special pair of jeans
  • To lift 5 kilos weights
  • To walk 5 kilometres every morning
  • To get back your energy
  • To feel generally healthy

Communicate your goals

Whenever you decide on your goals, to actualise them you need to commit to them. To commit to them it may help communicating them. That does not necessarily mean communicating them to your partner or mum, it may simply mean writing them down and sticking them on the fridge. Or posting little reminders around the house.

By communicating them you are setting your goals in concrete. You are giving them an opportunity to succeed.

Why don’t you communicate your goals to us. Write them to the Healthy Mummy so we know what your goals are. Or use our tools on our website to help you too.

I have reached my pre pregnancy weight but I would like to lose an additional 5 kilos. So my goals are:

  • To surf weekly
  • To walk daily
  • To do a good yoga session 3 times a week
  • To become stronger through combining weight resistance exercises into my regime like squats, lunges etc. Like the stick exercises.
  • To eat well and fresh and to avoid choc-a’clock by snacking sensibly.

Gather support

Losing weight is never easy. You always need support. That is the key to success. You need to make sure you are in an environment where the conditions (including your family and friends) support that you want to lose weight and be healthy. When you have the external support, it will help your internal support as well.

Ask your partner, your mum or your friend to check in on you to see how you are going, to make you accountable of your goals you have set and communicated.

Of course we are always here at the Healthy Mummy to help support you through these testing times.

Remember you are human

Along your journey of weight loss and health there will be set backs. The scales my jump a couple of grams or you are angry that you ate that donut or didn’t exercise that day. Remember you are human and when you are mum, there are a lot of plan Bs.

To lose weight permanently, it is not just about what you do in the short term, it is long term changes. So if you are generally eating healthier and you are incorporating more exercise in your week, don’t stress about the little set backs.

Pick yourself back up and keep going. Don’t wait for the next day. Realise the set back and move forward then and there.

Celebrate the successes

You walked for 1 hour and feel great. Have a long warm bath.

You lost 5 kilos, have a dance with the kids.

You fit into your jeans, buy yourself a flower.

Always celebrate your successes and share them with somebody who will be happy for you too. Every little achievement is a success, whether it is being able to play with the kids all afternoon without feeling exhausted or fitting into the dress you need to wear for an occasion.

Realise your dreams

Remember that once you start the journey to your health and weight loss success you are realising your dreams.

Go on what are your goals? What do you want to achieve? We can help you get there. Check out our plans and programs here.

Mandy dos Santos (BSc. Food Science and Nutrition, Grad. Cert. Human Nutrition)
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