Warning: This news will make your kids SO happy! The Australian version of Toy’s ‘R’ Us is here

Last week we reported on Toys ‘R’ Us making a come back after they permanently closed down their 44 stores back in August.

However, a new kid is on the block!

Aussie toy retailer TOYMATE is set to re-open the first ex-Toys ‘R’ Us store in Bankstown in New South Wales this Saturday (13 October) which will make it the biggest toy store in the state!

Do we detect a Christmas shopping list being written up!?

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New Aussie toy store to replace Toys ‘R’ Us

TOYMATE’s first grand opening will be in the same place the Bankstown Toys ‘R’ Us store was, leaving customers with a familiar feeling and confidence. Plus, the store is open until 7pm on weeknights!

Not around the Bankstown area? Don’t worry because Castle Hill in NSW and then Western Australia stores are next to re-open!

Founder Danny Bloom said, “At TOYMATE, we’re focused on providing a magical shopping experience that not only encompasses an exceptional toy offering, but also offers a colourful world for children to lose themselves in, shop, play and enjoy our in-store activities.”

There’s more! If you were a previous Toys ‘R’ Us shopper you INSTANTLY become a gold member at TOYMATE!

How? Show your old membership cards at the checkout and you’ll receive a 5% discount for LIFE on every purchase. Hello Christmas presents!

“We are committed to delivering an entertaining shopping experience for customers, on top of providing top quality toys at competitive price points,” Bloom added.

Will TOYMATE prevent Toys ‘R’ Us coming back to AU? See here how the American toy chain are thinking about re-opening is Aus.

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