Here’s how you can reduce the amount of soft drink you consume

In one 375ml soft drink, there is approximately 39g of sugar. That’s nearly double the recommended daily sugar intake in just one drink! (The World Health Organisation recommends 6 teaspoons of sugar – or 25 grams – a day.)

The newly released ‘healthier’ Coca Cola products substitute some of the sugar for stevia, but they still have enough sugar to fill or even exceed the recommended sugar intake.

How To Reduce The Amount Of Soft Drink You Consume
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Soft drinks contain sugar, but they also have a host of other nasty ingredients, and the over consumption of these can lead to a number of health problems.

Here is a plan of attack to help you reduce your soft drink consumption to zero.

Here’s how you can reduce the amount of soft drink you consume

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Most of us are fairly trusting consumers. We believe if something is on our supermarket shelves, it can’t be that bad for us. Don’t be so trusting – know exactly what you are consuming. The very first step is to read the ingredients in your soft drinks and learn one by one what they are and what they do to us.

Knowing a little bit about some of the ingredients found in soft drinks makes it easier to ignore the enticing marketing and to consider reducing (or completely cutting out) soft drinks from your life.

Soft Drink Reduction Steps

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Step One – Reduce Soft Drink By A Third 

Cut down your typical soft drink consumption by a third, and at the same time, seek out an organic soft drink alternative to your regular favourite. While the alternative soft drink will still contain sugar, it won’t contain the other highly concerning ingredients.

Move onto step 2 after a week of reduced consumption, or earlier if you are ready to cut back more.

Step Two – Cut Back Another Third 

Cut back by another third. Replace your soft drink with a super cold fizzy mineral water flavoured with fresh lemon or lime wedges. Making sure you are drinking lots of water will also help alleviate any detox symptoms you may be experiencing as a result of reducing sugar and caffeine.

Pat yourself on the back; you are doing an amazing thing for your health! After another few days (a week at most) of this, you are ready to move on to step 3.

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Step Three – Final Reduction

Stick to water and cut out your soft drink consumption to zero by finding other, healthy ways to treat yourself. 

If you really feel like a soft drink, try creating your own flavoured mineral water by adding pieces of fruit to a bottle of fizzy water and allowing it to infuse for a while before drinking.

Flavours that work well include ginger and pear, pomegranate, mixed berries, lemon or lime, green tea and mint, or mango and orange.

Remember – Give It Time

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Your taste buds will adjust.

Give them a chance and before you know it, sweet soft drinks will taste less appealing!

In the meantime, if you are struggling with cravings, go and visit your local health food store and ask about supplements to help your body adjust to sugar cravings. There are quite a few mineral supplements that are known to help.

Reducing Soft Drink Benefits

You will reap the rewards of reducing your soft drink intake quickly. For example a reduce in soft drink consumption:

  • Can reduce swelling and inflammation.
  • Can help gout and arthritis symptoms.
  • Can give you clearer skin.
  • Will allow your body to absorb more nutrients so you will start to feel more vital.
  • Will make your teeth stronger and less sensitive.
  • Will dramatically reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes.
  •  And another bonus: you will save so much money!

Well there you have it! A step by step plan of attack to help you cut back on your soft drink consumption.

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