Rhian shares her fussy eating tips qnd tricks on the morning show!

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Incredible! The Healthy Mummy Founder – Rhian – was on Channel 7’s The Morning Show this morning! And not only did she rock her segment…she shared her very best fussy eating tips, tricks and Healthy Mummy recipes!

Rhian on The Morning Show

As a mum-of-two young boys, Rhian (like many, many other mummys) is all too familiar with the challenges of feeding ‘fussy eaters’.

The Morning Show segment

In the television segment below, Rhian dishes on her best fussy eater tips, tricks and recipes to help encourage little ones try and enjoy new (and totally healthy) food!

Rhian says, the results in a recent Healthy Mummy survey revealed that “72 per cent of mums have at least one fussy eater. 

When it comes to mistakes parents make when trying to encourage their little ones to try new food, Rhian says:

“Some of the common mistakes people make is trying to force a fussy eater to eat; because then you get a sort of negative association with food. 

“Other mistakes…Allowing kids to bring toys to the table…and using food as a reward.” 

Great tips Rhian!

Fussy Kids Cookbook eBook Is HERE TO HELP! 

Rhian on The Morning Show #2

As busy mums we here at Healthy Mummy H.Q know how frustrating and disappointing it can be when you prepare healthy food for your children and they reject it!

You don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen preparing different meals for everyone and you probably don’t want to offer unhealthy options, even though you know your children may eat them!

So to help all those frustrated, sometimes overwhelmed mums with fussy eaters (pretty much all of us at some time), we’ve put together this Fussy Eaters Cookbook eBook to help you understand the reasons behind your child’s fussy eating and difficult meal-time behaviours.

Fussy Cover

This eBook encompasses: 

  • Practical ideas and strategies to manage fussy eating behaviours
  • Delicious and simple the whole family will love (including your parents)
  • Tips and tricks on how to present and prepare your kiddies food
  • And advice on how to encourage picky eaters to try new things!

For more information on the eBook or to grab yours, click here.

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