How The Healthy Mummy community is supporting Sarah deal with cancer

This incredibly strong mum reveals her world was rocked when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Here's how she got the support she needed.
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This incredibly strong mum reveals her world was rocked when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Before the diagnosis she’d only suffered from mild fatigue and a small dent in her breast.

Thankfully, Sarah was able to lean on some pretty amazing friends – friends she’d met through The Healthy Mummy.

In fact, these incredible women reached out to Sarah, 36, and brought her nutritious meals. They are also competing in a 100K fundraising run throughout March to help raise awareness about cancer.

The incredible support Sarah has received from The Healthy Mummy community

“Eight weeks and just like that…… My life has spun a full 180,” says Sara, a mum-of-three. “Telling family, the children and close friends had to be, quite possibly, one of the hardest things I’ve had to do.

“Yet, I have received more well wishes, kind messages, cards, beautiful flowers and gifts than I ever could have imagined! These have given me an additional push to help get me through the coming weeks and months.

“Support is something that I am so grateful for and have an abundance of! For this, I consider myself so very lucky! I have an incredible support network that stretches from my family, close friends, work colleagues, friends (including those I’ve not seen in years), my medical team and then there are the people I’ve never even met!”

Sarah has made some wonderful friends in The Healthy Mummy community

Amazingly, support also came from friends that Sarah met when she joined The Healthy Mummy four years ago, some she’s even met up and some she’s built a virtual friendship with.

“Some of the women from The Healthy Mummy group contacted me privately after I shared my symptom of a dent on Facebook,” shares Sarah.

“One of the women had been through her own cancer journey and has come out on top. Having followed her journey from the start, I felt humbled by her reaching out to me offering support and advice.”

And if that wasn’t amazing enough, another fellow Healthy Mummy and close friend of Sarah’s delivered a selection of Healthy Mummy snacks!

How The Healthy Mummy community is supporting Sarah deal with cancer

Sarah, who is based in the UK, was also contacted by a mum in the Facebook group and told that she and another Healthy Mummy were taking part in a 100K fundraising run throughout march, in order to raise money for Breast Cancer Now, a charity dedicated to providing support and hope for anyone affected by breast cancer.

“I have never met these women, but cannot stress how much it means that they are dedicating their run to me as well as other family members affected by breast cancer,” says Sarah.

“These two incredible women and one of my best friends (below), who is also taking on this challenge, are absolute rockstars and I’m thrilled to say they are smashing their fundraising goals!”

How The Healthy Mummy community is supporting Sarah deal with cancer

Sarah’s Healthy Mummy weight loss journey

Sarah says she wanted to make chemotherapy as easy as possible for body, as it can put a lot of strain on you both mentally and physically.

“Apart from the side effects of chemotherapy, I researched diet, exercise and meditation, all the things that could potentially make my journey through chemo easier,” she says.

“I’m lucky to have received my diagnosis when I did, I’m lucky to have a team of amazing medical professionals.”

Sarah knows all about giving her body the nutrition it needs, as she in the first six months of her Healthy Mummy journey, Sarah lost 8kgs.

“I have become much more outgoing evening pushing my limits trying out HIIT classes and even pole dancing – my energy and confidence levels have soared since starting The Healthy Mummy, I am also sleeping better and making healthier choices all round be it nutrition-wise or exercise based,” she reveals.

“I live by the Challenge app I love that it really is a nutritionist and PT in my pocket! I do go to the gym and I do have a PT but being able to be motivated at home is a really big one for me!”

Spreading awareness

Sarah is now focusing on getting better and also spreading the word about breast cancer.
“Breast cancer does not present itself ONLY as lumps. Know your body… get to know your boobs, get to know your partner’s boobs… be aware of ANY changes! YOU know what feels and looks normal or not so normal, act on it – it could save your life!”

“Even if this helps only one other person early detection saves lives!”

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