How each state and territory in Australia will handle students returning to school in term 2

It looks like each state and territory in Australia will have a different plan in place for children heading back to school in term 2.

And many schools have revealed they will put restrictions in place in order to curb any coronavirus flare-ups.

But it seems the general consensus from politicians and medical professionals is that the risk of infection among children in classrooms is low.

Here’s what each state and territory is planning on doing…

How each state and territory in Australia will handle students returning to school in term 2

New South Wales

While term 2 began earlier this week, there have been two pupil-free days and school formally returns on April 29th for students.

The NSW government announced last week that they were planning on returning face-to-face teaching with kids attending one day a week from mid May.

On May 11, students will return on a staggered basis and each school will devise their own plan of how this will operate.

Gradually, pupils will start going to school for two days a week and then eventually five days a week with social distancing measures in place before things return to normal again.

It’s not yet clear when students will return to school more than one day a week.

How each state and territory in Australia will handle students returning to school in term 2


Remote learning is in place for the first half of term 2 (until May 22) in Queensland. Parents are required to home school their children, however children of essential workers are able to go into school.


The Victorian Government has encouraged students to learn from home apart from those who are unable to learn remotely. This will remain the case for the whole of term 2.

Western Australia

Schools will be open for face-to-face teaching in term 2 in WA. The choice is up to the parents on whether they will send their little ones in.

How each state and territory in Australia will handle students returning to school in term 2

South Australia

There are currently low levels of COVID-19 transmission in South Australia so schools are not closed.

However, remote learning is available for students who have been kept at home.


Students have been encouraged to learn at home but for those who are unable to learn from home, schools are open.

Classrooms are to open soon for face-to-face teaching.


Families in the ACT will be logging into remote learning for the start of Term 2. Students unable to learn from home will attend 9 hub schools. The Education Minister has said that during the first four weeks of term they “will look at what a transition my look like” to face to face learning.

Northern Territory

Pupils in NT are physically attending school unless they aren’t feeling well, but parents do have the option of not sending their children to school. However, they must be homeschooled.

Do parents have to send their kids back to school?

Not all parents are keen to send their children back to school, even while we appear to be flattening the curve in Australia.

Some feel the decision is too rushed while others may have someone that is immune compromised in the family.

If you’re unsure about when your child should go back to school, we advise you talk with your child’s school for more advise and information.

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