Breast pump recall – Check your Medela Breast Pump

There has been an urgent breast pump recall reissued for mums who own Medela Breast Pumps.

Have you got a Medela breast pump stored away in case you, a friend or family member may need it? Mums have been told to check their power adaptor amid a product recall reminder after reports of an electric shock risk.

Medela has reissued its 2016 recall of the detachable plugs sold with its Medela Swing, Medela Swing Maxi and Medela Freestyle breast pumps.

The popular baby company advised parents who have bought breast pumps before October 2016, and have since put them in storage, to check the power adaptor.

The potential fault is with one type of detachable wall plug, which is a component part of the AC power supply for certain products.

In rare cases, the detachable wall plug could break exposing two metal terminals and creating a risk of electric shock, Medela said in its renewed recall.

Not all detachable wall plugs are affected, according to Medela, which urged parents to check the markings on the product – if there are no markings on the back, it needs to be returned.

The affected plugs can be identified as those with no markings on its back. If the detachable wall plug has a white dot or markings on the back of it, it is not affected and does not need to be returned.

The plug and adaptor are supplied as a stand-alone product, as well as part of the Medela Swing, Medela Swing Maxi, and Medela Freestyle models of Medela breast pump.

The product numbers of those that may be affected are:

  • Swing:030.0040
  • Swing Premium:030.0060
  • Swing Essentials:030.0053
  • Swing Maxi:040.0011
  • Freestyle:042.0014.

“At Medela, your safety is our highest priority and we are publishing a recall reminder to ensure that you check whether your breast pump power adapter is subject to the recall,” the company said in a statement.

“This is NOT a new recall but a reminder of the recall we commenced in October 2016.”

Contact Medela for a replacement

Customers who believe their adaptor may need to be replaced are advised to register their details with Medela or call them on 1800 787 345.

The pumps can still be used with battery power until a replacement power source arrives.

If you purchased a Medela Personal Use breast pump after October 2016, or if you have already had your detachable wall plug replaced by Medela Australia, there is no need for further action, the company said.

More information is available on the website or you can call 1800 787 345.