EXPLAINED! Why so many babies are conceived at Christmas

‘Tis the season to breed!

Ever wondered why you know SO many people who have birthdays in August and September? It’s because the majority of babies are conceived at Christmas time (nine months beforehand).

In fact, the Australian Bureau of Statistics has recently revealed the most common birthday for Aussie babies is September 17.

So why are so many bubs being conceived around Christmas or New Year? Find out below…

couple kissing in bed

EXPLAINED! Why so many babies are conceived at Christmas

It seems that people are doing more than just having a kiss under the mistletoe this time of year!

To begin with, more people have time off in December, more time off – or in bed- means more time to have sex.

What’s more, in December people find themselves at more parties and that often means more alcohol consumption, and it’s less likely that contraception is always used. Or as the shops and pharmacies are shut for days at a time, it may be harder to access contraception.

Happy newborn baby making a funny face

And it’s not just in Australia that conception is most popular in December, including New Zealand, the U.S. and the U.K. also have the highest rates of birth in September also.

So there you have it, the holiday season is prime baby making time.

Forget the champagne and oysters, it seems there’s no greater aphrodisiac than putting your Christmas decorations up with your partner!

Meanwhile, here are six things you should never do after sex!

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