Baby born at 23 weeks defies the odds after being given no hope of survival

When Christie Malik was pregnant, she says all scans were showing her daughter was growing perfectly and normally.

But when she was just 22 weeks and six days she had a bleed and her little girl came unexpectedly, weighing just 1lb 1oz (approximately 0.48kg).

Baby Ayah was given very little chance of survival, but she pulled through…


Early arrival

Christie had the shock of her life when she was told by a midwife to go to the labour ward after she had a bleed when she was 22 weeks and six days.

“At the labour ward they confirmed I was four centimetres dilated and in labour and there was nothing they could do to stop it, our baby was coming,” Christie tells The Healthy Mummy.

Ayah was born on 1st March this year and weighing just 1lb 1oz at Singleton Hospital in Swansea, Wales.


A rollercoaster of emotion

Christie, who had given birth to a stillborn daughter in 2013, feared she was about to go through the same horrific experience again, after medics gave her little girl a very little chance of survival.

“She fought infection after infection and a grade four bleed on the brain,” says Christie. “She was ventilated for a very long time.”

Ayah means ‘miracle’ in Arabic and she proved worthy of her name, defying the odds and pulling through.

When Ayah was 22 weeks old she came home after being in NICU weighing 9 lbs and 2 oz.

“She’s not 33 weeks old and weighs 13 lbs with no medical aids as expected,” says Christie.

“Our little girl is so strong and brave and we’re so proud of her.”


What a remarkable story. Ayah really is a miracle baby.

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Christie!

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