19 of the best responses to the cringeworthy comments pregnant and new mums get

Sometimes, people put their foot in their mouth and say really stupid things. This seems to happen A LOT when you’re pregnant or have a new baby.

Here are the worst offenders when it comes to inappropriate questions and cringeworthy comments that pregnant and new mums get asked. And here’s our suggestions on how to respond accordingly.

“You’re pregnant? Was it planned?”

pregnant belly

Being asked ridiculous questions is all part of the joys of pregnancy. They are right up there with stretch marks. And cankles. And haemorrhoids.

1.”I’m sorry to hear that.”

I think the correct response is, Congratulations! But we’ll go with yours instead.

2. “What are you having?”

A baby.

3. “Are you going to circumcise him?”

Unless you’re the father of the child, then all comments pertaining to my unborn child’s penis will be ignored.

4. “You look really tired.”

Yes. Well, growing an infant does take it out of you.

5. “Are you going to keep the baby?”

Moving on…

6. “You look massive!”

Naw, thanks so much. I was really going for Hippo Chic when I picked out my outfit today. So glad I nailed the look.

7. “My friend had the worst labour…”

Great. I guess that means the title for World’s Worst Labour is already taken. Mine should be a breeze then.

8. “Oh, I really don’t like that name.”

Well, that’s probably a good thing, because it’s my unborn child’s name, not yours.

10. “Are you worried something will be wrong with your baby?”

Every day. But having someone remind me of it is always fun.

“Congratulations on your new arrival. When are you having another?”

new mum comments 2

And you thought the awkward questions were over now that you’ve had the baby… Nope. Sorry, new mums, they are just getting started!

11. “Wow, your baby looks nothing like you.”

Oh, you noticed? See, the thing is, I took someone else’s baby from the hospital instead. I thought this one was cuter.

12. “Why is it so hard for new mums to get stuff done?”

Here. Read this. It pretty much sums it all up for you.

13.”Your baby cries a lot.”

That’s because I have trained her to cry on command. It’s working really well so far.

14. “When are you going for round two?”

Hold on, let me just take off this hospital bracelet I still have on from having the first baby two days ago.

15. “Your baby looks really small.”

We are trying an all-milk diet to try and bulk him up.

16. “You’ve changed.”

Yes, well pushing a baby out of your vagina and then caring for her 24/7 can do that to you.

17. “Your life seems so crazy right now!”

Nah, this is calm. Come back at 3am. That’s the prime crazy viewing time.

18. “Does it feel like your university degree is a waste now?”

I’m sorry, you’ll have to rephrase that into a simpler sentence. Now that I’m a mum I seem to have lost all intellectual ability.

19. “Can I hold your baby?”

Are you a stranger in the supermarket who is creepily staring at my infant? Then, no. Are you a friend or family member who will agree to hold the baby long enough for me to take a shower? Then, yes.

What’s the stupidest thing someone has said to you while pregnant or getting used to having a new baby?

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