The Beautiful Image Capturing The Magic Of Motherhood – Scars And All

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Wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the words ‘Never Underestimate the Power of a WOMAN’, baring her fresh c-section scar and breastfeeding, this gorgeous mother has called for an end to the judgment. The judgement we have for our bodies after having children. The judgement we feel if we have a c-section, VBAC, natural birth, breastfeed or formula feed. Because, she says, mothering is a magical gift.

Briana Klink Macon

Briana Klink Macon recently gave birth to the most adorable little man, and while she’s had five pregnancies, only three of her children are Earthside. It’s from this perspective she’s able to look back and realise that what she used to think was important was just background noise.

“I remember when I had my first baby at 25 I was so worried about people thinking I was ‘fat’ after, of all the things?!,” she explains in an Instagram post. “I was so young and naive, not able to comprehend the beauty that my body had just accomplished.”

‘I have curves in new places’

“Five pregnancies, one vaginal delivery, three c-sections later, I finally get it. I see the human body in a different light, I see myself in a different light. I have curves in new places, bumps and lumps and scars. Scars some would view as ‘ugly’. I grew tiny little perfect people. I’m able to nourish and feed from my own body.”

Briana and her husband are both photographers, and are used to capturing the human body in all its glory. She asked her husband what he thought of her c-section scar, and his reply was beautiful: “His first response, ‘I don’t even see it’. He continued with, ‘if anything I look at it and see all that you went through to give us our family’.”

Enough of the mummy wars

As part of her cathartic post, Briana says we need to put aside the judgement of other mums – no matter how they birth or feed their babies.

“All that truly matters is that mum and baby are safe and healthy, that there is an abundance of love and we’re giving this life our best. Being a mother is hard enough, why divide ourselves? Why compare?”

Like all of us, the busy mum says some days she struggles to get out of bed, and others when she feels she can take on the world.

“I hope if you’re going through all the new phases of motherhood, you’re able to find strength and give yourself grace. You’re able to see how beautiful you are. Bringing life in to this world; mothering is such a magical gift.”

We couldn’t agree more. Be kind to yourselves mummies.

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