Tips and tricks to feed your fussy eaters as seen on Sunrise

The Healthy Mummy founder Rhian Allen and Meal Prep Queen Sascha Farley were on Sunrise this morning offering their tips and tricks to help you with your fussy eaters.
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The Healthy Mummy founder Rhian Allen and Meal Prep Queen Sascha Farley appeared on Sunrise to talk fussy eating kids and how to get your kids to eat their veggies.

Not only did they rock the segment but they also cooked up some delicious food that the fussy eater kids loved!

Rhian Allen on Sunrise talking fussy eaters

Being a mum of two young boys, Rhian, like most parents, knows the struggle to get kids and especially fussy eaters to eat foods they don’t want to or don’t like and has come up with some tips to help.

“Be consistent, don’t make dinnertime stressful and get them involved in actually making dinner and make dinner fun, don’t make it a stressful, full on, full of arguments dinnertime experience,” Rhian said in the segment.

Sascha’s son Hudson is a fussy eater and she has learnt a few tricks to help get him to eat healthily and make sure he gets all the nutrients his growing body needs.

“Having food separated rather than giving him the bolognese constructed we sort of deconstruct it so he has the power to try different things in his own time,” Sascha said during the segment.

“Keeping things simple and not making a big deal out of it. I will put something in front of him and say ‘this is your dinner if you don’t eat it you’re not getting anything else’ and leave it at that. There’s not too much conversation around it because I found that the more we talked about it the more he would protest.”

We love those tips Rhian and Sascha!

Making sure that kids get all the nutrients they need is key for proper development and sometimes it’s easier to hide the veggies your kids don’t like in order to get them to eat them!

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This eBook encompasses: 

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