Why experts are encouraging women to chew gum after a c-section

How’s this for random? Chewing gum can help women recover from their caesarean section! Whaaaaatttttt?!!!!!

According to experts, new mums should chew gum three times a day for 30 minutes after they’ve had a c-section to help improve their gut function.

Chewing gum

How chewing gum helps women recover after having a c-section

Many women report that they feel constipated following a c-section, and the anaesthetic used during surgery can also temporally make your muscles sluggish.

Researchers from the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia looked at 17 studies that included over 3,000 new mums and found that women who chewed gum after a c-section passed wind sooner than those who didn’t chew gum.

Source: Supplied. C-Section Scar.

It turns out that chewing gum helped these mums get their system working normally, as those who chewed gum passed wind 23 hours after their op, while those who didn’t chew gym passed wind at 29.5 hours.That’s 6.5 hours sooner.

Dr. Vincenzo Berghella at Philadelphia’s Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, says that chewing gum leads to passing wind because it “tricks the body into thinking it’s eating”, triggers saliva and causes the brain to send signals to the gut to get it moving.

Passing wind is one of the signs that are person’s bowels are functioning normally again and indicates that there are no gut blockages.

While we find this study absolutely fascinating – for all those mummy’s who have had a c-section – we recommend doing exactly as the doctor ordered when it comes to your individual recovery.

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