Drinking COFFEE helps you get an EXTRA 1,000 steps a day, study finds

Want to boost your step count? Then have a latte!

A study conducted by experts from the University of California looked into the health effects of coffee intake, tracking participants movement, sleep and overall health with a series of monitors.

Researchers found that on the days coffee was consumed by those taking part in the trial, they walked an extra 1,000 steps a day!

You get in an 1,000 extra steps a day when you have a COFFEE, study finds

You get 1,000 steps in each day when you drink coffee study finds

Coffee consumption was measured by ECG devices, as well as mother monitors over a period of two weeks. In fact, experts found that those who drank coffee did more physical activity. However, they were more likely to sleep less.

You get in an 1,000 extra steps a day when you have a COFFEE, study finds

One cup of coffee reduced a volunteer’s sleep by 36 minutes for the first cup and 18 minutes extra for each additional cup.

“More physical activity, which appears to be prompted by coffee consumption, has numerous health benefits, such as reduced risks of Type 2 diabetes and several cancers, and is associated with greater longevity,” says study author Gregory Marcus. 

“On the other hand, reduced sleep is associated with a variety of adverse psychiatric, neurologic and cardiovascular outcomes.”

Drinking COFFEE helps you get an EXTRA 1,000 steps a day, study finds!

While coffee does seem to help boost metabolism and give you more energy, the health benefits of consuming this popular drink are still unclear.

Coffee is the most commonly consumed beverage in the world, yet its health effects remain uncertain,”

“While the majority of long-term observational studies have suggested multiple potential benefits of drinking coffee, this is the first randomised trial to investigate the real-time, physiologic consequences of coffee consumption.

“These results highlight the complex relationship between coffee and health.”

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