5 Tweets That Prove Ryan Reynolds Is The Funniest Celebrity Dad

We never knew how hilarious Ryan Reynolds was. I mean, we knew he had a little humour in him, but since becoming a father (and getting onto Twitter), he’s really stepped it up a notch.

Ryan Reynolds celebrity dads

Parenting Advice?

Do not, under any circumstances, use Ryan Reynolds as your ‘go to’ for parenting advice.

I mean, who comes up with this stuff? Smart and absolutely hilarious!

I feel like I need to make it clear that he’s obviously not serious.

This guy definitely has a hold on the whole ‘make parenting fun’ situation. Even though he and wife Blake Lively are extremely private about their family life, he loves sharing these little gems.

This one I find incredibly hilarious, mainly because he’s used my name. PLUS, he tweeted it ON MY BIRTHDAY! How did he know??

He even finds time, in his busy schedule, to hilariously reply to fans.

Ryan and Blake have a daughter, James, and recently welcomed their second child to the world. There are no details yet about the new bub, though we can’t wait to hear both the name and gender. And also some more hilarious tweets. Plus, his Instagram account is pretty funny too.


Keep them coming, Ryan. We love a good giggle.

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