Celebrity Twinning: Babies Who Look Exactly Like Famous People

Some babies resemble their mums. Some resemble their dads. And then some resemble Danny Devito.

Have a look at these hilarious celebrity look-a-like photos that will make you do a double take and prove pop culture is clearly influencing the next generation.

Celebrity Dopplegangers, Infant Edition

Every baby is beautifully unique. Except these babies, who are mini versions of celebrities and famous characters. Thanks to Reddit and Twitter, we’ve been able to track down 10 babies who clearly get their looks from popular culture.

Mrs. Doubtfire

celebrity look alike mrs doutbfire

Robin William’s iconic character lives on in the form of this little girl, whose doppelganger photo was posted on Reddit by a friend of the little lady’s mum.

John Legend

celebrity look alike john

All Of Me believes that this baby is related to John Legend! But nope, it’s just a coincidence.

Eric Stonestreet

celebrity look alike eric

Modern Family’s Cam is one of a kind. Or so we thought. Turns out, there’s a little dude by the name of Charlie who not only looks like the celebrity, but who dressed like him for Halloween last year.

The kid from Up!

celebrity look alike Russell

Adventure is out there! The lovable Russell from Pixar’s UP has clearly been humanised into this adorable little boy, who appears to even share Russell’s love of outdoor escapades.

Vladimir Putin

celebrity look alike vladir

This adorable little bub definitely resembles the leader of Russia. Same haircut. Same stoic look. Same stern impression.

Prince George

celebrity look alike george

Cheeky grin. Check. Blond locks. Check. Chubby cheeks. Check. The resemblance of these two adorable little dudes is royally impressive!

Wallace Shawn

celebrity look alike sean

If you’re a fan of Clueless or The Princess Bride, then you’ll recognise this face. The resemblance is ‘inconceivable’!

Danny Devito

celebrity look alike danny

Is there anything sweeter than a baby with a crazy haircut? How about when the haircut looks very much like the one Danny Devito rocks?

Gordon Ramsey

celebrity look alike gordon

With his matching white outfit, blonde highlights and unimpressed expression, this little dude, Arlo caused quite a stir when the photo was released earlier this year.

Media outlets speculated that Gordon did, indeed, father the child and landed the celebrity chef in hot water. Arlo’s mum later clarified that there was no way in Hell Gordon was Arlo’s dad. Chill media. Chill.

 Jay Z

celebrity look alike jayWhen you look like the self-proclaimed greatest rapper in the world, what do you do? You scowl at the camera and work the look! Little legend!

A big shout out to all the parents and family friends who shared these hilarious photos on social media.

Does your baby resemble a famous celebrity or pop culture character? 


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