Baby clothes guide and what you really need to buy your newborn

Are you pregnant and unsure where to start when it comes to buying clothes for your baby?

It’s especially hard when you’re not sure just how big (or little rather) your little one will be, or trying to figure out how much of each item you need.

Here’s a helpful guide we’ve pulled together to help you figure out which clothes you need for your impending arrival.

baby clothes 1

Baby clothes guide – the essentials you need to buy for your newborn

Size guide


This is for very small premature babies that are around 2kg.


This is for babies that are around 3kg and newborn. Don’t go too crazy with cute clothes for this size, as newborns grow very quickly. A few singlets and baby grows (aka onesies) are MORE than enough. They’ll be out of these clothes within a month or so.


This size is usually for babies around 3 months and 6kg.


For babies between the ages of 6-9 months and weighing 10kg.


For babies aged 9 months and weighing 10kg. This is the stage your little one will be starting to learn how to crawl.


This is for babies aged around 12 months and weighing 12kg, when they’ll be learning to walk.

Things to remember when buying clothes

1. Don’t wash all of your clothes

Avoid putting everything in the washing machine before bubs comes along, just a few items for his or her age, as they may not get to wear them all before they reach the next size. This way you can return to the shops or give away as gifts.

2. Think easy access

You’ll be changing your newborn’s nappy every few hours and the same when they are a few months old, so clothes you can easily change them in and out of (like poppers or zips along the front is ideal). Babies also don’t like tops being pulled over their head too often.

3. Think time of year 

There may a really cute jacket that you want your baby to wear when he or she is 3 months old, but it may be summer then, so they’ll never get to wear it.

4. Think comfort

Would it be comfortable for your newborn to lie down for long periods of time in a dress that has a big bow on the back or press studs on the back? If not, don’t buy it.

cute baby outfit

5. You won’t need that many nice outfits

Most babies just wear comfortable suits rather than jeans and t-shirts etc. Babies spew and poo and sleep. So while a few cute outfits are great for photos, chances are they’ll mainly be in romper suits.

6. Be considerate of a healing umbilical cord

You want to opt for items that are loose around the tummy for your newborn’s umbilical cord. Pant waistbands may rub and irritate it.

7. Health and safety

Are there any beads or items that could fall off and become a potential hazard? Keep in mind that anything with a drawstring could also become a potential strangulation hazard or catch on furniture.

8. Material used

Does your little one have sensitive skin? Choose clothing items that aren’t going to cause a rash or rub against their precious skin.

Clothes you won’t need


Babies can’t walk.

Designer clothes

They’re expensive and your baby will grow out of them quickly.

Coloured or patterned socks

You’ll end up losing a few along the way and you’ll end up with un-matching socks. Many baby grows or body suits come with in built socks these days. For more newborn advice be sure to check out our Baby Archives.

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