New survey reveals just HOW MUCH childcare costs in comparison to other household bills

A new survey conducted by News Corp Australia has revealed that Aussie parents are paying MORE for childcare than they are for their weekly mortgage repayments and grocery shop.

The survey also revealed that 21 per cent of mums and dads say they feel they are basically working to pay for childcare. No wonder!


Parents are paying more than DOUBLE for childcare than groceries

Any parent who has a little one in childcare will no doubt agree that the rising costs are burning a huge hole in their family wallet.

And according to the recent survey, a third revealed they are paying DOUBLE their grocery bill for their child to put in care each week – this is AFTER the government rebate.

What’s more, one fifth of parents revealed they are paying TRIPLE their weekly grocery shop for childcare and 40 per cent of families reveal they are paying the same as their grocery and mortgage payments.


While 21 per cent of parents say they are basically working to pay for childcare, and 57 per cent are only marginally better off by working.

Families spend on average around $300 a week on childcare

child care

The Healthy Mummy recently surveyed 3,947 mums on their weekly budget and spending and 65 per cent of mums revealed they spent $300 (and under) on child care, with 24 per cent forking out between $500-$700, and four per cent are spending over $1,000 a week.

How much households spend on childcare each month:

Under $300 – 65 per cent

Between $500 – $700 – 24 per cent

Between $750 – $1,000 – 6 per cent

Over $1,000 – 4 per cent

The average cost of feeding your family per week

And on average our mums spend around $150-$200 on shopping for the whole family a week!

Full frame view of full plastic shopping bags on tiled floor

31 per cent of our mums spent around $150-$200 on food shopping for the family each week, and 50 per cent only went shopping once a week. 87 per cent of our mums surveyed say they only eat take away once a week, while 10 per cent do twice a week and 2 per cent have it more than three times a week.

Under $100  6 per cent

$100-$150 – 34 per cent

$150-$200 – 31 per cent

$200-$250 – 16 per cent

$250-$300 – 7 per cent

$300-$350 – 2 per cent

Over $350 – 1 per cent

Mums have less money to spend on themselves

37 mums spend 50 a week

With all of this in mind, it’s no wonder that 37 per cent of the mums surveyed revealed they only have $50 to spend on themselves a week once all of the bills are paid.

Financial advisor Ash Maculiffe from Little Earners tells The Healthy Mummy that childcare costs may be a big factor in why mums have less expendable cash each week.

“Daycare and raising kids is expensive so that eats into any disposable income that parents have,” says Ash.

“When you’re feeling time-poor and tired, you tend to inadvertently over-pay for convenience. An example is the pre bagged lettuce at the supermarket, instead of cutting it up.

“And most of the mums that I have as clients, and as friends, will spend their last dollar on their kids before they will spend it on themselves.”

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