Chris Hemsworth Makes A Statement By Being A Polished Man

If you haven’t noticed, we love Chris Hemsworth!ย We might just start doing daily updates on the guy!

Saying NO to violence against children

Chris has proudly joined a campaign saying NO to violence against children, by painting one fingernail. He says “I’m a @YGAP #polishedman Being a @PolishedMa isn’t just about remembering to buy flowers, how many rounds you shout, or how much you lift. It’s about saying no to violence against children. That’s why this October I’m painting my nail and asking you to donate to help the 1 in 5 kids globally who are subjected to physical or sexual violence before they turn 18.”

Then nominating his brother, Liam, and some of his fellow actor friends; Tom Hiddleston, Mark Ruffalo, Zac Efron and Robert Downey Jr.

What Is A Polished Man?

Being a polished man is so much more than painting one nail. By painting that one fingernail, you’re taking a stand against violence against children. Donating to the Polished Man fund helps the 1 in 5 kids globally who are subjected to any kind of violence before they turn 18.

Cute And Compassionate

Hemsworth is one of the most sought after actors, yet he remains humble and kind. We just can’t get enough!!


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