Chrissy Teigen Shows Off Her Newest And Cutest Sous Chef

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There’s no denying this model loves her food. She even wrote a best selling cook book with her favourite recipes. She’s so in demand, she’s had to hire a sous chef, Luna Legend.

I have dreamed of this day!

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Yes Chef

Luna just does what she’s told and she has a look on her that says ‘not again Mum‘. But that pout, to die for.

Little Legend

This little Legend has no idea what she’s in for. John and Chrissy have been sharing photos of the genetically blessed Legend on their Instagram since she was born. No DNA test needed, she is all John and all cute.

#flashbackfriday ?

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Since having Luna in April, Chrissy admits between having a baby and her work, she doesn’t have much to the things she loves anymore “It’s so hard. There’s no time… I love cooking, I love showering, I love cooking, but there’s no time.” We feel exactly the same Chrissy, what even is showering?

We love following her hilarious journey of motherhood, keep the videos and photos coming Chrissy.


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