TOO CUTE – Dad Recreates Beauty And The Beast Scenes With His Daughter!

If anyone deserves to be put up for an award for ‘Best Dad in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD’, it’s this dad, who recreated cute Beauty and the Beast scenes with his daughter for a Valentine’s Day pressie for her. Awe!

Josh and his daughter Nellee. Source: Josh

“My daughter inspires me to do these photoshoots. Also anything Disney is so magical and amazing,” Josh tells The Healthy Mummy.

“I loved the Beauty and the Beast movie when I was a kid because of the love they both shared. I wanted to show my daughter how much she meant to me so I decided the Beauty and the Beast would be the perfect story to do.”

Magical Masterpiece

Photographer Josh Rossi wanted to give his daughter Nellee a “gift that would last forever”.

So, the doting Utah-based dad travelled Europe for a week collecting photos with which to create beautiful backdrops for the shoot.

“I shot a total of three castles, five cities and randomly stopped at small provincial villages along the way to create the images,” he wrote in a post on his blog Fulltime Photographer.

“For me the trip to Europe was a token of my love for my daughter.” 

How absolutely ADORABLE!

‘Something My Daughter Would Have Forever’

Josh then transformed his three-year-old into a miniature Belle, dressing her in blue and yellow dresses similar to the iconic ones in the 1991 animation, and then shot pics of her against the stunning backdrops.

“The story of Beauty and The Beast has such an amazing message of true love and being accepted that I wanted to recreate the scenes with my daughter,” he wrote. 

“I also wanted to create something my daughter would have forever that showed the fun relationship and the love I have for her.”

And Josh even donned a Beast costume for an adorable snap of him and Nellee dancing together in the ball room.

“I realised that one of the most important things we can do as parents is spent time with our kids and play a little,” Josh adds.

“Nellee loved the print I gave her so much! She kept jumping up and down and kept smiling. She also couldn’t stop looking at the full series of images,” Josh tells us.

“Right after I gave her the print this morning she started singing the songs from the movie. The whole process took about one month. A week to hand make the dresses which Ella Dynae did. They are amazing! 1-2 weeks to travel to Europe to get the shots then one week to edit.

“My favourite part was being able to create something WITH my daughter. Something we both love to do. Usually we are just playing games our kids like. This time we play a game we both truly love which is taking magical pictures together.”

Epic Dress Ups

It’s not the first time Josh has done something like this for Nellee!

He recently recreated a cute Wonder Woman shoot for the tot, and used some incredible imagery to take pictures of her against.

This is the image that took 5 people to hold Nellee. It took about 50 shots to get it right

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Would anyone be interested in a photoshop tutorial of this series? And if so, which image?

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Awww! What an amazing thing to do!

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